Welcome to the Albertsons Early Payment Program

A simple, low-cost way to improve your cash flow

How it works

Albertsons automatically adds your invoices to C2FO. To request early payment, simply:


Select invoices


Choose your discount rate


Receive payment from Albertsons

Getting started

Getting started is easy. All you need is the Vendor ID associated with your Albertsons account— often found on invoices.


Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?
Getting started takes less than five minutes. Register your account and provide your Albertsons Vendor ID (often found on invoices).

I have funding, why would I use C2FO?
Companies use C2FO because it's faster, easier, and provides a lower cost of capital than other sources of funding.

How do I receive payment?
After your discount offer is accepted, you get paid directly by Albertsons using the payment method you already have in place.

Why is Albertsons offering this program?
Companies that want healthy supply chains and strong relationships use C2FO to help their customers more easily improve cash flow.

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Learn how to set your first offer

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