How it works

Early payment on approved invoices is as easy as 1-2-3.

Your customer adds your approved invoices to C2FO
Request early payment as needed at a rate you offer
When your offer is accepted, your customer pays you directly, only faster

C2FO features:

  • Early payment on demand
  • No hassles, fees or application process
  • Easy to use, with free, multi-lingual support
  • Name Your Rate™
  • Choose which approved invoices you want paid early
  • No contract negotiations
  • Payment in as soon as 24 hours
  • Receive payment directly from your customer, only faster


What is C2FO?

  • What does C2FO do?

    C2FO (Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization) is a program that is managed on behalf of your customers to help your business improve cash flow.

    Early payment on approved invoices
    Instead of borrowing money from a third-party or using a static or “less-than dynamic” discounting method, C2FO gives you the power to negotiate early payment on approved invoices, on demand, and at a rate you choose.

    On-demand funding where you Name Your Rate™
    Because you control the rate, you can access funding for your business at a lower cost than other options, such as factoring. The program is also flexible. You can choose which approved invoices you want paid early. You can use C2FO only when you need to control your cash flow.

    C2FO is NOT:

    • A factoring service
    • Supply chain financing
    • An electronic payment alternative
    • A traditional bank loan or asset-based lending

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  • How does this help my business?

    No other working capital option offers the flexibility and control of C2FO.

    With C2FO you can:

    • Choose which approved invoices you want paid early
    • Choose when you want to participate
    • Lower your days sales outstanding (DSO)
    • Take control of your cash flow
    • Reduce your cost of borrowing and grow your business faster
    • Access working capital without fees or paperwork
    • Name Your Rate™ for working capital
    • Easily view your approved invoices in a secure online environment
    • Have flexibility and control of your cash management and hit key metrics on demand
    • Enhance your working capital as needed without changing contractual payment terms
    • Handle seasonal peaks and valleys
  • Why are my customers offering this program?

    Customers who want to improve supply chain health and build better supplier relationships rely on C2FO to help suppliers accelerate invoice payments.

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  • What companies use C2FO?

    We serve companies from small businesses to Fortune 50 customers around the world. Each year, we handle millions of transactions and billions of dollars of early cash flow delivery.

    Suppliers use C2FO for early payment because it offers affordable working capital to help grow their businesses and meet seasonal demands. Suppliers also use C2FO to manage financial metrics and take control cash of flow.

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Why use C2FO?

  • I have funding, why would I need C2FO?

    Third-party financial intermediaries require risk-based underwriting, complicated paperwork, higher rates and recurring fees in general.

    With C2FO, you access your cash with no liability, no paperwork and no hassle. Best of all, C2FO offers a lower cost of funding. Because it is flexible and on-demand, you can easily use C2FO as part of a mix of business funding options.

    Download a comparison guide for business funding

  • Do I have to use C2FO if I like my payment terms?

    The C2FO program is optional. However, you should register your C2FO account even if you don’t believe you need the program today.

    C2FO is unique because you can access funding on demand when a need arises. There is no paperwork, fees or hassles.

    Consider C2FO for:

    • Seasonal demands
    • Growth initiatives
    • Managing quarter-end financial metrics
    • Unexpected late payments from another buyer
    • Guaranteeing cash flow to take advantage of early payment discounts from your suppliers

    Using C2FO does not require changing contractual terms. C2FO does not affect any existing discounting on payment terms. Negotiated discounts are applied first. Any early payment through the C2FO marketplace is in addition to your negotiated discount.

  • Why would I give a discount for early payment?

    If your cost of borrowing is higher than the discount you are offering through C2FO, this program offers a better working capital option.

    There are many other reasons your business may need early payment. Some of these are situations you cannot control, such as late payment by another customer, responding to seasonal demands, or funding an opportunity to grow your business.

    C2FO lets you take control of cash flow to meet these demands without the hassles and delays of paperwork.

How does C2FO work?

  • How does early payment work?

    C2FO is a working capital market that delivers benefits to you and your customers.

    Your customers upload approved invoices into C2FO. You request early payment of your approved invoices at a rate that works for you. C2FO matches your offers. You are paid by your customers directly, only faster. Simple.

    C2FO is easy to use:

    • No contracts, paperwork or fees for suppliers
    • No IT or technology implementation required
    • Your invoices are uploaded by your customers to the C2FO secure online environment
    • Low-effort, so you can focus on your business
    • You are paid directly from your customers
    • You control which invoices you want paid early and when
    • You choose if, and when, to participate
    • Access free, multi-lingual, world-class support
  • How do I get started?

    You will receive emails from a customer who has chosen to offer C2FO with information on the program and how to register your account. You may have more than one customer who uses C2FO.

    You can also register your account online by finding one of your customers on our list.

    Find your customers on C2FO

    If you need assistance with registration, we can help you.

    United States/Canada: +1 866.463.6565

    United Kingdom: 0800.260.0548 / +44 20.7123.5131
    Germany: +49
    France: +33
    Spain: +34 914.142479
    Hungary: +36 1.848.0616
    Netherlands: +31 20.703.6454
    Poland: +48

    Taiwan: 0809089218
    China: 400.621.9758 / +86 512.8718.1840
    India: 1.800.266.7760 / +91 22.6780.1515 or

  • How does C2FO keep my information secure?

    C2FO is a no-risk, secure program
    With invoice payment acceleration, C2FO only facilitates the price discovery. No payment account information is stored. There is no risk. You will continue to be paid directly from your customers, just sooner.

    View our security white paper

    Supplier satisfaction with C2FO is 91 percent

    Trusted by suppliers
    A Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50+ is considered ‘world class’ among experts. C2FO has a supplier support score of 72 and a supplier recommendation rate of 91 percent.

  • How do I receive payment?

    After payment offer is accepted, you continue to be paid directly from your customer – just like you do today – only faster.

    C2FO does not make payments on behalf of your customers; we help you and your customers match a discount offer in exchange for early payment. Invoice processing by your customers stays the same. The only aspect that changes is how soon you are paid and the invoice amount.

    C2FO provides you with an award file for your records so you can track your invoices that are paid early and the amount paid.

  • How soon do I receive payment?

    When you are awarded early payment from a customer through C2FO, your early payment will be processed on their next pay date listed. You see this on your invoice summary and the award file provided by C2FO.

    You can receive payment in as soon as 24 hours.

    • All early payment offers will be considered for early payment.
    • Remember to take local bank holidays into consideration when anticipating payment.
    • If you are paid via check, the next pay date is the date your check will be mailed.
    • If you are paid via ACH, your customer’s standard float time on ACH payments still applies.
    • Remember to consider float time as well as local bank holidays when anticipating payment.
    • You will be notified by email for any invoices that were awarded early payment.
  • What is market clear?

    C2FO is a market that allows real-time, on-demand dynamic discounting in return for early payment. Like other markets, C2FO has a clearing time each day. This time is based on each customer’s region.

    Our market clears daily at the following times:

    • Americas: 12:00 pm EDT/EST
    • Europe/Middle East: 5:00 pm BST/GMT
    • Asia-Pacific: 12:00 pm China Standard Time

    All offers will be considered for early payment daily, Monday through Friday.

  • Do I have to upload my invoices to C2FO?

    No. Your customers upload approved invoices to C2FO that are eligible for early payment.

    You simply log in to C2FO, choose which of the approved invoices you would like paid early, and set an offer for a discount.

  • How do I contact support?

    To contact support, you may email us, or use the following contact information:

    United States/Canada: +1 866.463.6565

    United Kingdom: 0800.260.0548 / +44 20.7123.5131
    Germany: +49
    France: +33
    Spain: +34 914.142479
    Belgium +32 2.403.72.34
    Hungary: +36 1.848.0616
    Netherlands: +31 20.703.6454
    Poland: +48

    Taiwan: 0809089218
    China: 400.621.9758 / +86 51287181840
    India: 1.800.266.7760 / +91 22.6780.1515
    Australia +61 1 800.941.058 or

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