Why C2FO

Learn how C2FO helps suppliers of all sizes meet their business goals. From growing their businesses to managing financial metrics and seasonal demands, suppliers rely on C2FO for affordable on-demand working capital.

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Why suppliers love C2FO

Watch our customers explain how easy it is to use C2FO and what being able to control cash flow on demand means for their business.

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Grow your business

C2FO helps suppliers grow their businesses with lower cost on-demand funding to expand their markets and operations, purchase new equipment or make improvements, invest in R&D, or hire additional employees.

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Meet seasonal demand

Suppliers with seasonal businesses accelerate invoices with C2FO to cover production costs for peak demand. C2FO helps them access payment when they need it most, evening out financial peaks and valleys. C2FO gives suppliers with seasonal businesses on-demand capital to respond to big orders — without the big worries.

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Manage financial metrics

With C2FO, large suppliers speed up receivables and control metrics such as days sales outstanding (DSO). They can also pay their suppliers more quickly and increase production. C2FO lets suppliers control their cash flow — and their balance sheet — increasing their financial stability and valuation for investors.

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Control cash flow

Manage your business — and your stress level — with the ability to control cash flow on demand. Make payroll, maintain inventory and pay your suppliers on schedule without accessing your line of credit or adding debt.

How C2FO helps you take control of cash flow

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