Take control of your cash flow

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Increase your cash flow — and lower your stress — on demand

Manage your business easier with the ability to control your cash flow. Make payroll, maintain inventory and pay operating costs without using your line of credit or adding debt.

Stock your inventory of cash

For inventory-based businesses, C2FO helps you fund manufacturing costs, fill customer orders, and still have cash on hand to purchase and maintain inventory.

Pay your suppliers on time

Accelerating invoices with C2FO is especially valuable if your terms with your suppliers are shorter than your terms with customers, or if you have long production lead times.

C2FO helps you pay your suppliers on time or even receive early payment discounts from them.

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How C2FO helps Rest Devices:

  • Ability to pay their suppliers on time
  • Can put cash back into product development faster
  • Cash flow to expand into other markets
  • Easy-to-use program

C2FO helps Rest Devices sleep easier at night when it comes to paying their own suppliers

Rest Devices leads the market in connected devices for the nursery. Its premiere product, Mimo, is the first-in-market smart wearable baby monitor, pushing data on respiration, body position, skin temperature, audio, and activity level real-time to a parent’s smartphone. Rest Devices is investing in R&D to expand its product line.

C2FO has been instrumental in capital management. Hardware is expensive – you’re constantly having to figure out the game of managing payments for resources versus inventory when retailers are all net 75/net 90 and our suppliers are all net 30. Having access to capital so we can keep our supply chain moving is critical. C2FO is instantaneous.

— Dulcie Madden, Co-founder and CEO, Rest Devices