Grow your business without growing your debt

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When you can’t wait a month to grow

It would be great if you could always time investments in your business with the dates your customers pay you. When you can’t access cash flow, you don’t need to add debt fund growth; you just need to be paid sooner.

C2FO gives you the ability to meet your growth goals on your schedule — with your money — by letting you receive payment from your customers in as soon as 24 hours instead of 30, 60 or 90 days, at a rate you name.


Grow faster without adding debt

For growing small and midsize businesses who have a high cost of borrowing, C2FO offers affordable working capital. You can grow faster without adding more debt.

Suppliers use C2FO to access cash needed to invest in growing their business: product expansion and R&D; reaching new markets; or adding equipment, locations, and employees.

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How C2FO helps Eco Vessel:

  • Accelerate receivables to purchase inventory faster
  • Cash flow to help develop new products
  • Easy-to-use, no changes to payment process
  • Cash flow to support long production lead times

Eco Vessel uses C2FO to help manage global expansion and company growth rate of 100 percent per year

Eco Vessel produces a full line of performance-based water bottles and food storage products, partnering with a nonprofit, Water for People, to provide safe drinking water to developing nations throughout the world. In the last couple of years, Eco Vessel expanded sales to nearly 20 different countries and thousands of suppliers, growing at a rate of 100 percent per year.

A lot of care goes into each aspect of the manufacturing process for our high quality products, which means lead times can be pretty long. Customers order from us on a weekly basis, so we have to order enough inventory many months into the future to make sure that we’re satisfying those accounts and maintaining growth. Since a lot of cash tends to get used up on inventory, C2FO allows us to get the cash we need in order to maintain the inventory, which is critical to the growth of our company.

— Jonathan Fox, President, Eco Vessel