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Manage your financial metrics on demand

With C2FO, suppliers speed up receivables and control metrics such as days sales outstanding (DSO), total revenue, cash reserves and cash conversion cycle. C2FO lets you strengthen your balance sheet and send positive signals to investors.

End-of-quarter or end-of-week

Businesses that are not cash-strapped use C2FO quarterly — or as needed — to put more cash on the balance sheet. Not only can you use C2FO on demand, you can also select only the invoices you want to accelerate.

Lower your cost of capital

For suppliers who need cash and have longer payment terms with their customers, accelerating receivables means not having to borrow to meet obligations or carrying the cost of overdue receivables.

Compare C2FO to other working capital options

How C2FO helps Ferrara Candy Company:

  • Improve DSO with some of their largest customers
  • Choose an APR that’s similar to what they’re paying on their line of credit
  • Have visibility into the discounts and deductions taken by their customers

Ferrara Candy Company uses C2FO for visibility to accounts receivable and on-demand control of financial metrics

Ferrara is the number one non-chocolate candy maker in the United States. Their list of brands includes Brach’s, Black Forest, Trolli, Lemonhead, Super Bubble, Sathers, Fruit Stripe, Now & Later, Jujyfruits, Rain-Blo, Chuckles, Red Hots, Atomic Fireball, Bob’s, Jaw Busters and Original Boston Baked Beans. As a fast-growing company with numerous customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, Ferrara uses C2FO strategically to manage financial metrics.

Our largest working capital goals are to keep receivables low, get payments quickly and try to keep our line of credit as low as possible. Being able to accelerate cash from our customers through C2FO helps us with those goals.

— Terry Wagner, Corporate Controller and Vice President, Ferrara Candy Company