C2FO is focused on what matters to you

The most supplier-friendly option

Supplier satisfaction is the cornerstone of the C2FO marketplace growth strategy. C2FO is a trusted platform that delivers the right rate for suppliers, more frequent participation in the market, and more cash flow. All of this creates a healthier supply chain and more income for buyers.

Find out how C2FO works for suppliers


High satisfaction

Among experts, a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50+ is considered ‘world class.’ The C2FO overall score of 65, combined with a supplier recommendation rate of 91%, shows the value of the market-based approach to working capital.

Industry-leading support

C2FO has the industry’s largest Supplier Relationship Management team. Our team of full-time financial professionals delivers personal support via phone, email or chat.

Easy to use

We don’t charge suppliers fees to participate and we make participation as easy as possible. With C2FO, suppliers can quickly take advantage of accelerated cash flow in just two clicks.

Proven technology.
Simple connection.
Increased revenue.

Many enterprise financial software solutions take more than a year to launch. C2FO typically only requires 3-4 weeks of technology effort and delivers an immediate impact on key metrics. For more on our security standards, read our security white paper.

Power of the network

C2FO is the only solution that fully captures the value of the network because it extends working capital down the supply chain tiers.


Global capabilities

C2FO supports companies around the world. Multilingual help is available 24/7 and the C2FO market supports multiple currencies, allowing members to set target returns and offers by currency.