The most efficient, effortless solution with the largest return for you and best rate for your suppliers

Our marketplace approach creates transparency between buyers and suppliers, security for both, and is backed by an experienced team with financial and technical expertise.

Better results for buyers
A better option for suppliers

C2FO delivers more value with our unique price discovery model

True dynamic discounting captures more discounts

The C2FO marketplace blends suppliers’ variable offers to optimize the number of invoices paid early. This unique price discovery maximizes income for you and awards early payment to more suppliers than any other solution.

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More early payments awarded to suppliers than any other solution

C2FO has high satisfaction rates for suppliers

C2FO is the only solution that gives suppliers the control to participate when they need cash flow. Suppliers can select which invoices they want to have paid early by their customers, and access working capital at a variable rate they choose, which can be lower than their current cost of capital.

C2FO provides suppliers with world-class support, resulting in lifetime supplier engagement from adoption to ongoing participation.

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Easy setup

A simple file exchange delivers speed to value. C2FO is easy and quick to implement, secure, and offers speed-to-ROI.

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We make it easy for you and your suppliers

Financial experts ensure program success

C2FO is more than just technology. Our team has financial expertise and singular focus on dynamic discounting to ensure your success from market launch to management to meeting your goals. We do all supplier engagement and support.

Why C2FO doesn’t require any process change for you

C2FO is easy for suppliers, too

Suppliers love C2FO for its ease of use, control, and flexibility. There are no fees, hassles, or contract changes for your suppliers. Our solution also includes access to free, multi-lingual support with technical and financial expertise.

Why suppliers love C2FO

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The network effect

The network supports your entire supply chain

Our market allows multiple levels of your supply chain to access liquidity, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers. C2FO has the power of a network of buyers and suppliers to support financial health across the deepest tiers of your supply chain.