C2FO enables collaboration

C2FO is efficient and risk-free

Traditionally, working capital finance is provided by intermediaries with little incentive to create transparency or to make cash readily available for all companies. In this old model, borrowed working capital is risk-based and requires underwriting by third-party financial institutions.

C2FO creates transparency and eliminates risk. We bring buyers and their suppliers together in a live marketplace without intermediaries to find a real-time rate for cash flow. Our utility-based pricing model lets cash flow freely between companies at the unique rate that works for everyone.

How is it risk-free?

On approved invoices, it isn’t a matter of “if” buyers are going to pay suppliers, it’s just a matter of “when.”

The big idea behind C2FO

You can Name your rate™ for cash flow in our working capital marketplace.



Many companies have excess cash and are looking to generate income on that cash. In the C2FO market, those companies can set their desired rates of return on the cash they wish to make available and the market will fill those orders with requests from other companies that need cash. In the C2FO market, companies that need cash in the C2FO market have set their requested amounts of cash and the rates they will pay to receive that cash.

The C2FO marketplace matches these orders in real time – achieving the best rate of return for the companies with cash and the best rates for the companies that need cash.