India's most efficient, effortless early payment platform with the largest return for customers and best rate for their suppliers

With C2FO, suppliers offer a discount they choose to their customers in exchange for early payment. Our platform maximises income for customers and awards early payment to more suppliers than any other early payment solution.

C2FO helps customers enhance returns on global liquidity

  • Increase yield on cash and short-term investments
  • Earn a no-risk return that is higher than your cost of capital
  • Complements other early payment programs
  • Increases gross margin and EBITDA
  • 24/7 availability for customers and suppliers both

C2FO strengthens supply chains

  • Early payment at a fair rate that suppliers can control
  • Global scope and multiple currencies help free trapped cash for entire supply chain
  • Dedicated India team provides proactive cash planning
  • Supports all sizes of suppliers and all tiers of the supply chain
  • Improves supplier relationships along with the quality of goods and services

"Our results are excellent and better than our expected target."

Vice President, Finance

CEAT Tyres

Trusted by leading Indian companies
For suppliers

Receive early payment from your largest customers.

  • Your customer pays you directly
  • No contract negotiations. No fees.
  • Easy to use. Accelerate cash in just 2 clicks.
  • Control when you receive payment
  • Choose approved invoices you want paid early
  • You determine the rate of discount you want to offer
  • Free access to a dedicated India support team with financial expertise

C2FO Raises $200 Million (INR 1420 Crore) Led by SoftBank Vision Fund

This latest round of funding will help accelerate our rapid global expansion and provide increased access to working capital for companies of all sizes…

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