Supplier Solutions

Get the working capital you need to thrive

Unlock the potential in your invoices and take control of your cash flow with fast, flexible access to low-cost capital. C2FO’s platform enables suppliers to get paid early by their buyers so they can invest more in their success.

Early Pay

Get your invoices paid early in just two clicks. On average, our customers’ invoices are paid 32 days sooner. Learn More

Invoice Central

See approved invoices from all your buyers in one place and get cash flow insights at a glance. Learn More

Lending through C2FO

Turn your receivables into a line of credit with asset-based lending integrated into your early payment program with C2FO Capital Finance. Learn More

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Working Capital

Early Pay is convenient access to low-cost capital. Our easy-to-use application with patented Name Your Rate® technology allows you to select the invoices to be paid early, choose a discount that works for you — often just a fraction of 1% — and get paid as soon as the next day.

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A Single View of
Your Cash Flow

Get cash flow insights and see the status of every invoice — all in one place. With Invoice Central there’s no need to log into multiple customer portals. Just select the specific invoice you want to accelerate and it can be paid early in two clicks.

Flexible Financing

Find financing that meets your needs with lending through C2FO. The Capital Finance team will help you take advantage of our comprehensive suite of lending solutions that include asset-based lending, receivables finance, factoring and term loans from $1 million to $100 million at competitive rates.

Join 430,000 Global Suppliers Getting Paid Early

Reach your full business potential when you get
early payments from your biggest buyers.

Suppliers Save With C2FO

“We save four to five times more on the cost of money using C2FO. When we are in need of cash flow, we don’t have to wait as long. It’s been a game-changer for us.”

Rhonda Sparks

Founder and CEO, UV Skinz