Working capital
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We bring companies together

Our marketplace is a network of buyers and suppliers. When a buyer uploads their suppliers' approved invoices to C2FO, the connection is complete. Early payment collaboration can begin immediately.


Inside our working capital marketplace

C2FO’s platform intuitively finds opportunities in real-time for buyers and suppliers to collaborate on early payment. Buyers set their optimal rate of return. Suppliers set their desired rate for early payment.


Delivering efficient cash flow and bold returns

C2FO awards early payment at a rate that's optimal for each unique supplier while achieving the additional target income for each buyer. C2FO creates a win for both companies.

Why buyers & suppliers
love C2FO

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What’s in it for buyers?

  • Increase gross margin & EBITDA
  • Generate higher returns on cash
  • Improve financial health of supply chain
  • Complement other early payment programs
  • Implement in 8 to 12 weeks
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What’s in it for suppliers?

  • Improve cash flow
  • Access early payment on demand
  • Eliminate paperwork and contracts
  • Enjoy world-class support
  • Accelerate cash in just 2 clicks
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The world uses C2FO

We serve market members of all sizes, growing every day.

Reliable technology.
Speed to market.

Your IT team will thank you.

Our market technology is fast, compatible with multiple enterprise frameworks and requires very little setup to get started. C2FO makes it easy for both buyers and suppliers to optimize cash flow with minimal effort.

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