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Everyone knows that efficient markets are good for business. There are markets for stocks, bonds, commodities and now working capital. It’s about time. Welcome to C2FO.

In our market buyers and suppliers collaborate on early cash flow at a rate that’s profitable for both. Buyers simply upload their approved invoices into the market and establish their target return and cash available. Suppliers request early payment of their approved invoices at a rate that works for them. The proprietary C2FO market algorithms route and match the orders. It’s that simple.

Best of all, C2FO has a world-class NPS supplier support score of 72 and a supplier recommendation rate of 91%, making us the most supplier friendly option.

Why buyers & suppliers
love C2FO

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What’s in it for buyers?

  • Increase gross margin & EBITDA
  • Generate higher returns on cash
  • Improve financial health of supply chain
  • Complement other early payment programs
  • Launch in 6 to 10 weeks
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What’s in it for suppliers?

  • Improve cash flow
  • Access early payment on demand
  • No hassles, fees, or paperwork
  • Enjoy live, multi-lingual support
  • Grow your business without growing your debt
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The world uses C2FO

We serve market members of all sizes, growing every day.

Reliable technology.
Speed to market.

Your IT team will thank you.

Our market technology is fast, compatible with multiple enterprise frameworks and requires very little setup to get started. C2FO makes it easy for both buyers and suppliers to optimize cash flow with minimal effort.

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