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C2FO offers true dynamic discounting. Our unique marketplace approach empowers suppliers to offer their customers a discount they choose in exchange for early payment, on-demand.

Improve your bottom line
and strengthen your supply chain

Increase gross margin & EBITDA while earning a no-risk return on cash and reducing financial risk for your suppliers.

Have your customers pay you early on your invoices

We make it easy for companies to control cash flow and financial metrics with no hassles, fees, or paperwork.

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World-class global support

We are open for business across the world supporting customers in more than 100 countries.

Our scalable solution can be implemented globally in weeks, with support for all languages and currencies. We provide in-region, multilingual supplier support teams that offer both financial and technical expertise.

Best of all, C2FO has a world-class NPS supplier support score of 72 and a supplier recommendation rate of 91%, making us the most supplier friendly option.