Giving Every Business the Power to Thrive

Connecting the world’s businesses with a better, more inclusive, financial system.

We believe when all businesses have access to the capital they need — we all win. Because working capital without restrictions fuels innovation, business prosperity and economic growth.

Powering Unlimited Potential

Today’s financial system can often not meet the demands and speed of business. It is far too complex and holds back high-potential companies looking to grow. Our team works every day so more businesses can realize a better future. C2FO unlocks the potential trapped in balance sheets and invoices so companies worldwide can invest in their success. We, and the millions of customers in our network, are here to power a more resilient, more equitable global economy for every business.

Our Mission

Ensure every business has the
capital needed to thrive.

C2FO invented on-demand working capital as a way to unlock the trillions of dollars in cash tied up in lengthy payment cycles.

Through an intuitive digital platform for early payments and the expert support from our team of knowledgeable advisors, businesses can have a clearer view of their future. C2FO is where companies go when they want to grow.

The Values That Drive C2FO

Suppliers Are Our North Star

Our company is dedicated to helping suppliers succeed with faster access to low-cost capital, creating a stronger global economy for everyone. We combine technology with a human touch to ensure that every supplier has the working capital they need to reach their goals.

Offering Unparalleled Flexibility

Suppliers can decide how, when, and at what rate they want to access capital, giving them unparalleled control over their business’s cash flow. We provide flexibility and optionality that allows every C2FO customer to determine the value of cash in real time and find a solution that works for them.

Making it Easy Is Our Priority

Every interaction with C2FO is designed to be as simple as possible for anyone. This means no contracts, no paperwork and no hidden fees. In just two clicks, suppliers can get access to the working capital they need to invest in their growth.

Financial Inclusion

Our founding mission is to give every business equitable access to working capital. We’re tearing down the barriers inherent in traditional financing and removing the risk associated with lending so businesses around the globe can access capital to achieve their goals — faster than ever.

The C2FO Story

C2FO was born out of a need for better access to working capital.

Raised in a family of bankers and moving his way up the ranks to CEO and President of a regional bank, C2FO Founder and CEO Alexander “Sandy” Kemper focused on the idea of reducing lending risks through better data and technology in order to deliver more capital to more businesses faster and easier.

After leaving the banking world, and while building his first technology startup, Sandy faced the kind of cash flow challenge he had seen too many times before in other high-growth startups. Even with more than $10 million in accounts receivable, his company was short on cash one month and needed it quickly. Sandy made the risky decision to reach out to one of his key customers and ask for an early payment on a $1 million invoice to cover growing expenses.

The customer agreed to pay the invoice 30 days early for a 1% discount, enabling Sandy to seamlessly keep operations running.

That day, Sandy realized there should be a better way for businesses to leverage early pay discounting through a trusted network of risk-free capital from approved invoices. He envisioned a single platform that would allow businesses to access working capital without having to borrow, without barriers like prohibitive interest rates and fees, paperwork, collateral and exclusionary application requirements — or difficult phone calls.

Since C2FO’s first transaction in 2010, we’ve built a platform that the world’s largest companies trust to facilitate early payment on roughly 50 million approved invoices per day for over 2+ million in-network businesses across the globe, totaling over $333 billion in funding to date and generating more than $1.3 billion in EBITDA for enterprise buyer customers and results in $2.2 billion in estimated new earnings for our supplier customers to date.

Behind the C2FO Name

C2FO stands for Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization. And we believe cash flow should do just that — flow easily from one business to another. Since 2008, we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing the world’s businesses together with innovative win-win solutions that have the power to transform the way the world does business.

Serving Customers Wherever They Are

C2FO operates across the globe, providing service in 14 languages and offering early payment options in 48 currencies, so customers can maximize their working capital no matter where their business is located.

Map showing offices in Kansas City USA, Monterrey Mexico, Bristol and London in Great Britain, New Delhi and Mumbai in India, Suzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong in China, and Sydney Australia.

Committed to Customer Success

We’re with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every customer to deliver the resources they need to achieve their financial goals. It’s how we maintain a world-class Net Promoter Score, and customers come back to us time and again as their go-to source for working capital. In fact, more than 60% of the capital funding with C2FO goes to supplier customers who accelerate more than 70% of their available accounts receivable. Alongside our flexible working capital options and intuitive Early Pay platform, customers get personalized guidance from our team of trusted advisors.