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The Food Industry Shifts Along With Eating Habits

The food retail distribution and consumer packaged goods industry has been heavily affected by rising costs, labor shortages and supply chain disruption. After a decades-long trend toward restaurant spending, consumer behavior shifted back to eating at home during the pandemic, with elevated grocery store demand now expected to be a long-term structural change.

With much of this new demand coming from relatively affluent consumers who can work from home, firms are shifting their product mix and delivery options to serve this segment. With so many factors at play, including rising wages and fuel prices, your company has little room for error — or working capital shortfalls.

Albertsons Success Story

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Costco Wholesale


Ever-Increasing Care Demand Calls for Innovation

Facing the reality of caring for an aging population, healthcare providers and their suppliers face new challenges and growing demand to provide innovative, efficient and quality care. One of the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is the acceleration of digital transformation in care and operations, which is creating growth opportunities for both new and established firms.

C2FO has the working capital solutions to strengthen your healthcare supply chain, while giving you the cash flow control you need to keep up with innovation and technology developments.

Philips Success Story

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Elevance Health


Investing Today in Tomorrow’s Demand for Goods

The pandemic reversed a long-term trend toward services by shifting consumer demand for goods up sharply in a short period of time. Manufacturers struggled to keep up, resulting in inventory shortages and increasing prices. Responding to these forces will continue to shape your decisions while you try to assess whether tomorrow’s demand will support investment today.

Even today, the manufacturing industry continues to be hit with labor shortages, increased wage costs and capacity constraints. Expenditures are high, and investments in technology are growing. Your supply chain is a shifting, even chaotic challenge that can change daily.

Tey-Art Inc. Success Story

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Uncertainty Is a Given for Energy Firms

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is just one of the forces tugging the oil and gas sector in multiple directions. That’s why C2FO offers tailor-made solutions designed to maximize operational efficiency and optimize supplier relations. Our collaborative ESG and D&I programs will help you prove to investors that you’re serious about taking steps toward sustainability and green(er) energy sources. And with better flexibility and optionality in payment terms, you’ll meet the metrics that really matter when it comes to your bottom line.

Petrochem and ExxonMobil Success Story

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Newcrest Mining Limited

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The New Normal in Retail: Evolution Is Not Optional

Top retailers work with C2FO because we know that adapting to rapid change makes the difference between winning and losing. As you work to stay agile in the face of transformation, C2FO’s industry experts are there to keep you on top of making omnichannel operations more efficient and supply chains more resilient, while watching how consumers react to inflation and a more open services sector.

Costco Wholesale Success Story

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Office Depot Office Max
Travis Perkins


Supply Chain Solutions Will Drive Continued Tech Growth

Nearly every industry is investing in new technology, with more data being created by more devices than ever before. Because companies and consumers expect easy access wherever they are, you can’t afford to fall behind as cloud services, equipment and security services continue to expand.

However, recent shortages in key components such as semiconductor chips have spurred focus on improving supply chain resiliency, with new manufacturing facilities and strategic partnerships cropping up across the globe.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Success Story

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Hewlett Packard
Thermo Fischer Scientific


Obstacles at Every Level Strain Transportation Sector

Booming consumer demand for goods strained the transportation sector in 2021 as limited labor and capacity led to delays and increased prices. Continued port disruptions and labor shortages in the rail sector have led to ongoing strain on your already fragile supply chain. The future of travel remains uncertain even as more consumers have started taking vacations again.

Now, transportation companies like yours are investing in technology and worker retention initiatives while keeping an eye on infrastructure legislation and funding that could lead to investment in roads and bridges and more to improve the sector’s capacity

Air France Success Story

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Air France
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