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Air France Uses C2FO to Boost Cash Flow and Enhance Supplier Relations

What makes C2FO’s working capital solution so attractive to enterprise buyers and their suppliers?

What makes C2FO’s working capital solution so attractive to enterprise buyers and their suppliers?

Aerospace giant Air France says it was won over by the innovation of C2FO’s approach, which strengthens the financial relationships between companies and suppliers via a platform that’s easy to both access and operate. Air France considers the solution to be “extremely innovative, and the digital efficiency of the process is impressive!”

C2FO’s approach enables Air France to boost its cash flow management and pay its suppliers more quickly. And using the platform takes just a few clicks. That ease of use is what makes the difference.

“What does the product’s magic consist of? C2FO realized the importance for the entire supplier chain of creating a mutual working capital dynamic among each of the actors in the chain,” said Bruno Lecerf, finance and treasury director at Air France. “And that’s really where C2FO’s idea is particularly innovative: It connects all of the actors in a very simple way, via a platform that is very user-friendly and easy to install.”

“From the point of view of efficiency and simplicity, I find the solution extraordinary,” added Jean-Charles Cassé, corporate purchasing and marketing director at Air France.

Because invoices are paid faster, C2FO enables Air France to provide low-cost liquidity to suppliers and, thus, strengthen its entire value chain in an ethical way. 

This new system represents a real advantage for Amarante International, an Air France supplier, which can receive payment 30 days earlier than before, in a more efficient and less expensive way than other financing solutions it used to use.

“The need for working capital is all the more important because we work almost exclusively with large accounts like Air France, or with government or non-government agencies, which tend to have very long payment deadlines,” said Frédéric Sauvé, director of performance management at Amarante International. “The simplicity of the C2FO solution that Air France offers seemed very attractive to me.”

Success Snapshot

Air France

With C2FO, Air France has been able to build stronger relationships with its suppliers by paying their invoices early.

Why C2FO?

Air France values C2FO for its simplicity and efficiency.