Early Pay

Get your invoices paid faster

Turn approved invoices into capital to grow your business. Working directly with your buyer, you can free up funds trapped in lengthy payment terms and get the cash flow you need to invest in everything from inventory to growing your team.


Get Invoices Paid Early With Just a Few Clicks


Choose only the invoices you want paid early and select your discount rate with patented Name Your Rate® technology.


Receive payment the way you usually do. No credit checks, no contracts and no paperwork necessary.


No fees, just a small discount rate you determine for your customers on the invoices they pay early.

The Only Early Payment Solution
That Puts You in Control

We built our patented Name Your Rate® technology to give businesses the ultimate flexibility with early payment. You select a discount that works for you and receive a payment confirmation as soon as the next day. You can choose from one of three rate options:

  • Name Your Rate® allows you to choose the exact amount you want to pay for your invoices to be paid early.
  • Trending Rate is the average rate your buyer typically accepts as a discount from businesses similar to yours.
  • Express Accept is the rate your buyer will accept immediately. This is the best option for receiving your payment faster if you want immediate access to cash.

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Your buyer has already uploaded your approved invoices. Simply choose the invoices you want to be paid early and set your discount rate.

Get Paid Early

When your discount offer
is accepted, you’ll receive payment
as soon as the next day.

Do Your Buyers Already Use C2FO?

The top Fortune 100 and Forbes Global 2000 companies already offer early payment through C2FO. Activate your account, and you’ll see your approved invoices from all your active buyers as soon as you log in.

Optimize Your Cash Flow With Early Payment

“If I didn’t have C2FO, I’d be sitting in a different position right now. Having that opportunity of being paid almost 50% faster than I normally would allows me to continue to reinvest back into my company.”

Michael Twer

Founder and CEO, Delilah Home


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Get Your Approved Invoices Paid Early

Getting started is simple. Select a buyer on our platform, activate your account and you’re ready to make an early payment offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies use C2FO because it allows them to take more control of their cash flow by controlling when they get paid. It’s also faster and easier, and provides a lower cost of capital than many sources of funding.

C2FO is the technology and support provider behind your customers’ early payment programs. The C2FO platform provides a secure platform to request early invoice payments on demand.

Once your offer is accepted, payment is delivered by your customer using your current payment method.

Payments are generally processed and distributed as soon as the next day of an offer being accepted.

Using the Early Pay program does not alter any existing terms or payment process.

C2FO Early Pay is different from Supply Chain Finance. You can choose to accelerate payment on receivables from your customers or through a third party in our funding network — on your terms when you need it. You are not obligated to accelerate all of your invoices, which is often required by many factoring agreements. C2FO is 100% on-demand.

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