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Organic Textile Firm Delilah Home Gets Paid Faster with C2FO

To fund its growth, the up-and-coming organic home textile company needed reliable access to working capital. Here’s how C2FO delivers rapid funding on fair terms.

Delilah Home’s story

Based in North Carolina, Delilah Home was one of the first companies to bring 100% organic hemp bedsheets to the US market, said Michael Twer, the company’s founder and CEO.

The company uses the highest quality 100% organic cotton and organic hemp for its every use products, certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). That ensures Delilah Home’s products do not contain any hidden dangers and are free from any harmful chemicals commonly used in traditional textile production.

“Sustainability, impact and community are the fundamental pillars of Delilah Home,” said Michael Twer, the company’s founder and CEO. “Our company’s mission statement and vision aren’t just corporate speak. They’re how we live our lives when we are not at work.”

Delilah Home was conceived three years ago, after the Twer family’s 1-year-old puppy, Delilah, was lost in the NC mountains for over 62 days. Thanks to the relentless efforts of thousands of volunteers, Delilah was returned home safely. That outpouring of kindness inspired Twer to create Delilah Home, a company that gives back to the community.

As a way to pay it forward, Delilah Home invests in their community by donating 10% of its profits to charity partners such as 1% For the Planet and Operation Warm.

Delilah Home’s lasting commitment to quality has allowed Delilah Home to develop a thriving e-commerce business since its launch in 2019. Its lineup of 100% organic bedding, bath towels, kitchen towels and beach towels is offered directly online and through luxury retailers in North America.

“Our goal in the next five years is to build a brand that truly cares about the environment, while having an impact on our community,” Twer said. “This is our goal, our mantra, and we are sticking to it.”

The challenge

Unfortunately, rapid growth is often a mixed blessing for emerging businesses. Everybody wants to grow, but it can be hard to find the money to keep growing.

“I needed more working capital to buy more inventory, and I needed to have more inventory so I can make more sales as I continue to go and expand our customer base,” Twer said.

Even though its retail partners were placing sizable orders, Delilah Home had to wait 30 to 60 days to get paid.

Twer knew there were other funders that offered quick money — sometimes in less than 24 hours — but they charged exorbitant rates or would bury him in paperwork. To continue growing profitably, Delilah Home would need a better source of working capital.

Why Delilah Home chose C2FO

To find a solution, Twer reached out to C2FO, the industry leader in working capital.

“I had learned about C2FO from my prior company, but I never pulled the trigger on it because I really wasn’t sure what the company was about,” he said.

The company’s platform features a suite of funding options, including an early payment program. Suppliers like Delilah Home can get paid faster on their outstanding invoices if they offer a small discount to their buyers.

C2FO gives suppliers the power to choose which invoices should be discounted and how large the discount should be. If the offer is accepted, the supplier can receive funding within days.

“The beauty about C2FO is you do not have to give a big discount,” Twer said. “You can pick and choose what discount you want to bid. I was really, really surprised how inexpensive it was to bid on invoices and for invoices to be approved.”

While the platform was noteworthy, he was also impressed by C2FO’s team, which was quick to respond to his questions and concerns. Each client is paired with a supplier relationship manager (SRM) who ensures the experience is exceptional.

“The wonderful people at C2FO really put my fears to rest,” Twer said. “It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.”

How C2FO helped Delilah Home

Payment received in days, not weeks

The results were dramatic: When Delilah Home started using C2FO, it cut the time it took to get paid in half.

It was a huge change for Twer, who was used to 30- and 60-day payment terms.

“I was amazed how quick the process was from approving an invoice to actually the funds being transferred into my bank account,” he said.

Reliable funding for business growth

“Through C2FO, I’m able to get cash from our outstanding invoices a lot quicker, which allows me to continue to invest back into my emerging brand,” Twer said. “And that reinvestment is more inventory, it’s more marketing, it’s more head count.”

That working capital has helped fund massive growth for Delilah Home. As the company has moved into new stores and increased its digital advertising spend, Twer has had a ready supply of funding when he needed it.

Stress-free working capital

Twer doesn’t really worry about working capital anymore. If he wants funding, he places an offer on C2FO’s platform.

But if he doesn’t need funds, he doesn’t have to give a discount.

“You can tap into their services and you can tap out of it whenever you want,” he said. “I have the ability to say, ‘OK, my cash might be a little bit low this month. I’m going to tap into C2FO and get that cash flowing.’ Or if I say, ‘I want to wait a week,’ I can do that.”

Most of the time, though, he offers a discount. It takes him a few minutes each week to log in to C2FO’s platform and check the settings.

“I know every Friday I get a deposit from my retail partners into my checking account,” Twer said. “And I’ve had this for the last two years straight.”

The results

Delilah Home continues to succeed, but it’s doing so on its own terms — without taking on massive debt, and without joining a factoring program that strips away control of its invoices.

“If I didn’t have C2FO, I’d be sitting in a different position right now,” Twer said. “Having that opportunity of being paid almost 50% faster than I normally would, that allows me to continue to reinvest back into my company.”

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Delilah Home

The linens company uses C2FO to continually reinvest in business growth.

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C2FO delivers working capital quickly without forcing Delilah Home to sacrifice control or flexibility.