Access low-cost funding to
boost your working capital

We understand that quick access to liquidity is crucial for survival, stability, and growth. Our dedicated Capital Finance team work with you to design a competitive solution that meets your company’s unique needs.

A Comprehensive Suite of Options

We’ll help you find the best solution for your company, on your terms and when you need it to fuel growth, innovation, and more.

Asset Based Lending (ABL)

Provides immediate access to capital using receivables, inventory, equipment, etc. as collateral.


For quick access to cash, you select specific invoices to sell. Unlike other providers, C2FO doesn’t require you to sell all invoices, and you continue to work directly with your customers.

Term Loans (TL)*

Receive funds as a one-time lump sum for inventory, asset purchases and capital expenditures. Custom term-lengths based on your company’s needs. *Restrictions apply

Revolving Line of Credit

Supplies growing companies with an on-demand line of credit. The funding amount is determined by your outstanding invoices.

New Funding Opportunity for Small and Diverse Businesses

At C2FO, our mission is to ensure that every business has the capital needed to thrive — especially those businesses that face barriers to accessing capital despite their enormous potential.

Recognizing the important role small and diverse-owned businesses play in our economy and society, we are proud to partner with the Schultz Family Foundation to unlock accessible, affordable lines of credit for high-potential businesses. Together, we will power $100 million in loans extended by C2FO.

schultz family foundation

Building a Better Lending Solution

Flexible and On-Demand

Our easy-to-use interface allows you to select which invoices to upload, giving you complete control over your funding needs.


Your credit availability moves in real time, based on your open invoices and other collateral, for credit lines up to $20 million.


Our 150-day eligibility period on invoices plus limited covenants and reporting requirements keep the process hassle-free.

Low Cost

Take advantage of competitive rates and price transparency, with no minimum usage or annual fees

Why Suppliers Love Lending Through C2FO

“Capital Finance has been instrumental in being able to navigate the unforeseen waters for us. I was blown away by their ability to come up with advanced rates that truly met our needs.”

Justin Koebel

CFO, MightyGood Solutions


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