Turn receivables into cash flow and payables into income

Use the C2FO platform to take complete control of your capital—to improve cash flow on demand or earn no-risk returns.

Control your company's cash on your terms

For Enterprises

Improve supply chain health and generate income by offering an early payment program.

For Vendors

Improve cash flow on demand with early payments from your enterprise customers.

“At first, I was sceptic about the platform because it sounded too good to be true. I decided to try it once and I never stopped using it. The faster than usual receipt of the payment helps me build a stronger and more reliable team.”

Zeljko Susljic, Owner

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Our mission to release $43T in liquidity for the world's businesses

On any given day, vendors from around the world have $43 trillion tied up in accounts receivable. They wait an average of 60 days to be paid and have limited, inefficient financing options.

Meanwhile, enterprises are maintaining record levels of cash on their balance sheets—cash that just sits there, earning record low returns.

C2FO is using technology to build a brighter future where enterprise cash works harder—for the enterprise, its vendors, and the world’s economy. 

Our latest insight

The state of working capital for small and mid-size enterprises

Detailed insight into how liquidity impacts global SME suppliers, their views on how their business will grow, and how well they can access working capital to meet your demands and fund that growth.