In the News | March 11, 2022

C2FO’s Chris Atkins Discusses the Market Reaction to February’s CPI

SVP of Capital Finance Chris Atkins spoke with TD Ameritrade Network's 'The Watch List' about the market reaction to February's CPI.

On March 10, C2FO SVP of Capital Finance Chris Atkins spoke with TD Ameritrade Network’s ‘The Watch List’ about the market reaction to February’s CPI and how high levels of inflation are impacting small businesses.   

“One of the drivers of inflation that we’re seeing is oil and gas. But it’s also just the shipping situation. Supply chains are really strained right now,” Atkins said. “We’re coaching the 400,000 domestic suppliers we interact with to control cash flow, which generally means get paid early by your big customers and turn the cash as quickly as possible to avoid any of the effects of inflation as your own suppliers are increasing prices.”

Watch the full interview with host Nicole Petallides here.

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