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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Recurring Offers on C2FO

Recurring offers give you the power to “set it and forget it” — and let the cash flow in.

Recurring offers give you the power to “set it and forget it” — and let the cash flow in.  

If you’re not using recurring offers, you’re missing one of the most powerful tools on C2FO’s platform. Recurring offers allow suppliers to maximize their cash flow and their time. 

With recurring offers, you can basically “set it and forget it.” Log in to C2FO, go to the Offer Activity tab and set a discount offer that will automatically be applied to any future eligible invoices loaded into your account. If that offer is accepted, payment can show up in your account within days. A recurring offer keeps going until you turn it off – it’s always on. 

The alternative is to use one-time offers. These are discount offers that are good for a limited time, and users must open up C2FO’s platform every time they want to make offers on newly approved invoices. One-time offers may make more sense for suppliers that use the platform sporadically.

Most suppliers can benefit from using recurring offers, especially if they have a larger number of customers and invoices on C2FO, to save time and never miss an early payment opportunity. 

In this post, we’ll break down some of the biggest advantages of this approach.

Why you should use recurring offers

1. Make your cash flow more predictable

By switching from one-time to recurring offers, you can take advantage of every invoice eligible for early payment, creating a steadier, more predictable cash flow, as long as it meets your buyer’s criteria. You won’t have to log in to C2FO every time a new invoice is added to the platform because your recurring offer will already be in place.  

2. Speeds up slow-paying and nonpaying customers

When you use recurring offers, you may find that you have fewer slow-paying or nonpaying customers. That’s because those buyers will have more incentive to pay on time or early so they can qualify for the discounts you offer. Your team could save significant amounts of time because it won’t have to chase down as many overdue payments. 

3. Attract customers with price predictability

When you consistently grant discounts through recurring offers, you create a form of price predictability that your customers will appreciate. Everyone loves a discount, after all. And it could give you a pricing advantage over your competitors. 

4. Minimize missed opportunities

The great thing about a recurring offer is that you only have to set it up once. When you primarily use one-time offers, you have to log in to the C2FO platform every time you want to offer discounts. And that raises the odds that you miss an eligible invoice and forget to make an offer in the first place. 

5. Enjoy flexibility and control over your offers

Recurring offers are extremely flexible, and as the supplier, you have the ability to customize your discounts as you see fit. For example, you can adjust the amount of the discount depending on the customer. You can also stop or skip one at any time by logging in to C2FO and updating the Offer Activity tab.

The bottom line on recurring offers

Overall, recurring offers can help you accelerate your cash flow while reducing the amount of time required to manage your discounts on C2FO. You’ll enjoy a more consistent cash flow, which will make it easier to pay expenses and continue investing in your company’s growth. And by consistently offering discounts to your customers, you can also strengthen your ties with those business partners. 

Don’t take our word for it. Get started today!

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