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C2FO’s New Feature Makes It Easier to Get Paid Early on More Invoices

Connect to more customers and you’ll have more opportunities to speed up payment. 

Connect to more customers and you’ll have more opportunities to speed up payment. 

C2FO has launched a new feature that will make it easier for you to connect to all your customers that use our platform. 

That’s right: You may have other customers that use C2FO. And they would be willing to pay your invoices early — if they knew you were on C2FO. 

Simply put, connecting to more customers means more opportunities to get paid faster. You’ll never miss another opportunity to speed up payment on an invoice.

How do I get started?

Simply visit the Expand Your Network page on C2FO’s platform. Then select the customers you serve but haven’t connected with on C2FO. Your invoices to those customers should start appearing in your Invoice Central. 

What if I connect with customers, but I don’t see any invoices from them? 

Contact our support team for more information. 

I want to connect with another customer, but they’re not on C2FO 

Tell us who they are, and we’ll reach out to them. 

Our team is always working to expand C2FO’s network of customers, so we’d love to know which ones are a priority for you. You can let us know by visiting this page. Or reach out to those customers and recommend C2FO to them.  

There’s no guarantee they will join the platform, but input from you and other suppliers goes a long way. 

Don’t wait to expand your network on C2FO — get started now!

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