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Introducing the C2FO CashFlow+™ Card — Empowering Businesses to Improve Cash Flow and Protect Margins

It’s the new get-paid-for-getting-paid solution from C2FO.

It’s the new get-paid-for-getting-paid solution from C2FO. 

Since C2FO’s founding, we have constantly sought out new and innovative ways to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to access working capital, quickly and conveniently. Along the way, we’ve created a global network that has accelerated more than $200 billion in payments to companies around the world, providing them with the funding they need to innovate, expand and thrive. 

The C2FO CashFlow+ Card, our latest offering, builds on that promise by empowering businesses to get paid faster and in full — without the discounts typically required in exchange for early payment. 

This innovation comes at a critically important time for many businesses in America. With inflation rates increasing and margins shrinking, businesses are facing a cash flow squeeze unlike any we’ve seen in recent years. Furthermore, some businesses are finding that access to traditional sources of capital and cash flow relief, such as financing and factoring programs, is just not sustainable with their current business pressures. 

Enter the C2FO CashFlow+ Card. The card extends the benefits of our signature early payment platform – with a network of over 1.7 million businesses worldwide. It gives businesses of all sizes the opportunity to turn getting paid early into a more rewarding experience. 

How the C2FO CashFlow+ Card works

You might already be familiar with how C2FO’s platform enables early payment of invoices.

  • Enterprise buyers — including some of the world’s largest businesses — load their outstanding invoices onto our early payment platform.

  • Their suppliers are invited to offer a small discount in exchange for accelerated payment of invoices that the suppliers can select.

  • The buyer sends early payment to the supplier’s bank account. This can reduce waiting for payments from typical 30-, 60-, or 90- day terms to days, weeks, or even months earlier than expected.

The C2FO CashFlow+ Card reimagines the process, giving businesses more options and flexibility on when and how they get paid. 

Now a business can select which invoice it wants to send to its CashFlow+ Card and will receive the full amount of the approved invoice on its card. Once approved invoices are loaded onto the card, users will earn 1% cash back on purchases made with the card with no load or maintenance fees.* This makes the CashFlow+ Card unique from early payment. Now businesses can get paid for getting paid. 

For suppliers, that means turning everyday business expenses into a cash back bonus that frees up even more capital for reinvestment and growth. Businesses now have the option to use either early payment or the CashFlow+ Card. For some businesses, there may be payments that they don’t want to make via a card. Suppliers can easily transition between accelerating their payments through early pay directly to their bank accounts (while offering a discount) or accelerating payment (without a discount) to their CashFlow+ Card.

How the C2FO CashFlow+ Card accelerates cash flow for businesses

The card is debuting in the US at a point when managing cash flow is essential for many businesses. 

“Given the impact that stubbornly high costs are having on margins, the CashFlow+ Card will be especially impactful for businesses where timely cash management is critical,” said Karan Sarin, senior vice president and GM of Card Products at C2FO.

  • In the Federal Reserve’s most recent Small Business Credit Survey, it was reported that 85% of small businesses faced financial challenges.* 

  • Most firms – about 59% – reported being in only fair or poor financial condition. 

  • About 34% of surveyed firms said they sought traditional financing, a lower number compared to the years before the pandemic. About 31% secured all the financing they sought in 2021, compared to 51% in 2019. 

In a time of high inflation, the card can address the squeeze on margins many businesses face. The faster businesses can get paid on open invoices, the more quickly they can purchase inventory or materials — before inflation drives the prices for those items even higher. The C2FO CashFlow+ Card lets companies get paid faster and in full on all of their invoices on the C2FO platform; turning the money they’re owed into ways they can start transforming, innovating and expanding their business. 

Source: 2022 Small Business Credit Survey, Federal Reserve Banks 

The C2FO CashFlow+ Visa® Card is issued by Sutton Bank pursuant to license by Visa Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa, U.S.A. Inc. All other trademarks and service marks belong to their respective owners.

*There are no load or annual fees. You do not get charged for getting paid onto the card. There is a 2.5% foreign transaction fee for purchases made outside the US and up to a 3% ACH penalty fee to transfer funds off the card.

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