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C2FO Helps Fuel Healthy, Risk-Free Growth for HUmineral

The wellness brand taps into low-cost, convenient cash flow to grow its business.

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What is HUmineral?

From its headquarters in California, HUmineral produces a line of health products designed to boost the immune system, promote healthy aging and support cognition, said Candice Nicole, the company’s president and founder. You can find them in large and small retail outlets, specialty stores, pharmacies and high-end spas (such as the Agua Caliente Resort and Spas in Palm Desert, CA) and internationally. 

“My personal goal when I started was I wanted to be in every household, in every kitchen cabinet, in every bathroom cabinet,” Nicole said, “and that is still my goal.”

HUmineral’s challenge

Most of HUmineral’s income arrives via credit card payments, but 10% to 15% comes from large retailers that have payment terms as long as 60 days. 

That’s a long time for a small business to have so much tied up in receivables. Nicole needed a better way to speed up those payments, boosting HUmineral’s cash flow and funding business growth.

Why HUmineral chose C2FO

One of HUmineral’s biggest clients invited Nicole to use C2FO, the industry-leading platform for working capital, as a way to receive early payment. 

Here’s how C2FO works: Large enterprises identify which invoices they might be willing to pay early and load them onto C2FO’s platform. 

Their suppliers are then notified and invited to log in to the platform, where they can select the invoices they want paid early. The suppliers must offer a small discount in exchange for expedited payment. 

C2FO’s platform sorts through thousands of such offers to find the ones that match the enterprise’s desired level of discount. The winners are then paid within days.

How C2FO helped HUmineral

Faster payment for a reasonable fee

C2FO allows HUmineral to be paid on its largest receivables faster. These are invoices worth anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. Instead of waiting two months to get paid, Nicole can agree to a small discount and bring those funds in-house within days.  

The cost of the discount is “just so minimal, it’s just almost unreal,” she said. 

Using C2FO also has allowed HUmineral to avoid borrowing money from traditional lenders, which would charge far more in interest and fees. 

More money for marketing and growing the business

HUmineral has been able to make bigger investments in marketing because it knows that it can tap into its unpaid receivables when necessary, thanks to C2FO. 

That has allowed Nicole to hire a new marketing firm and pay for trade show sponsorships — moves she might not have made before. 

“Having C2FO has really factored into a lot of the way we do business and what we are doing in terms of our shows and our marketing,” Nicole said.

Ease of use and flexibility 

Nicole raves about how simple using C2FO is. “It’s like, poof, clicking my fingers,” she said. “It’s so easy.”

That extends beyond the platform to the team that supports it. Whenever Nicole has a question or a problem, she can reach out to her contact at C2FO. 

“And literally within five minutes, he’s responded,” she said. “It’s handled. It’s done.” 

The results

For Nicole, C2FO has delivered the best of both worlds to HUmineral. Her company has found the funding it needs to keep growing — without having to seek help from banks and other traditional lenders.

“I don’t really like to borrow money,” Nicole said. “I like to grow organically, and it’s been a blessing that we have been able to do that.”

Take control of your cash flow with C2FO

Tired of waiting 60 or even 90 days to get paid? Learn how C2FO accelerates payment on outstanding receivables.

Success Snapshot

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The wellness brand uses C2FO’s platform to request early payment on some of its largest invoices.

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Why C2FO?

With C2FO, HUmineral receives client payments in days, supercharging its cash flow and allowing it to invest in business growth.