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Macy’s Strengthens Its Supplier Relationships With C2FO Early Payment

Discover how the omnichannel retailer uses C2FO to bolster its relationships with suppliers and boost its own bottom line.

Discover how the omnichannel retailer uses C2FO to bolster its relationships with suppliers and boost its own bottom line. 

The challenge

As one of the United States’ iconic retailers, Macy’s spends considerable time and resources supporting the health of its sizable supply chain. Its team is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help suppliers thrive. 

So when a credit partner introduced Macy’s team members to C2FO, they were intrigued. With C2FO, enterprises like Macy’s can receive a discount in exchange for paying their invoices early.

It’s a win-win: Suppliers receive badly needed working capital faster while Macy’s enjoys a return that’s greater than if it invested excess funds in lower-earning money markets or bank deposits.

The solution 

Since Macy’s began using C2FO’s early payment platform in 2015, the retailer has enjoyed even stronger relationships with its suppliers. 

That’s partly because the platform is easy for suppliers to use and offers them greater flexibility. They can choose which invoices they wish to accelerate and when, giving them more control over their levels of working capital. 

The same is true for Macy’s. The company can increase or decrease how much of its cash it applies to early payment depending on the time of year or its own needs. 

“We viewed it as a riskless opportunity for us,” said Jim Schenk, principal, Treasury – cash management at Macy’s. “These are bills that we are going to pay, and it just gave us an opportunity to get a discount and simultaneously partner with suppliers.” 

The results

More than seven years after launch, the early payment program continues to be a popular solution for Macy’s suppliers, with over one-third of eligible suppliers registered for the program. 

“The supplier interaction and communication has been strengthened and grown since we first launched C2FO,” said Doug Brauch, vice president of Treasury at Macy’s. “So, it’s been a good win-win for both sides of the table, which is sometimes not easy to find.”

Success Snapshot


With C2FO, Macy’s can earn discounts while paying its suppliers ahead of schedule.

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Why C2FO?

The program has helped strengthen Macy’s ties with its suppliers.