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The Moore Group Hits New Heights With On-Demand Working Capital Through C2FO

Waiting months to get paid was limiting the strategic consultancy’s potential.

Waiting months to get paid was limiting the strategic consultancy’s potential.

The Moore Group’s story

For more than 25 years, Jennifer Moore and The Moore Group have led massive, high-impact learning programs and change management projects for some of the largest organizations in the United States and around the world — including a long list of Fortune 100 clients and multiple federal agencies. 

Moore and her team are best known for their customized software training programs, which they design, develop and deliver on a national or even global scale. The Moore Group masters the new application, devises clear and effective ways to impart essential skills and, after the training is over, checks to ensure that trainees are putting those lessons to work. 

When clients are undertaking a major change, they trust The Moore Group to lead the way. 

The challenge

You can’t always predict when your big breakthroughs will happen. For example, years ago, The Moore Group won a major project with the Transportation Security Administration and had to quickly scale up to meet the demand. 

“We hired 70 people in 11 days and a total team of 102 people in three weeks, so we could train 60,000 people in three months in 256 locations,” Moore recalled. “We were handling not only the payroll, but the travel costs and logistics, too.”

Expanding so quickly can be tricky for a small, growing business. Money has to be spent upfront to fund the growth, but it could be months before outstanding invoices are paid for the work.

“To carry that kind of payroll, I need every dime on time, on target,” Moore said. “Otherwise, I’m funding it myself personally, or my lines of credit are funding it.”

She managed to fund the expansion for the new contract, but Moore says it would have been so much easier to get through if she had had access to early payments through C2FO.

“If we had known about C2FO, it would have been amazing,” Moore said. “It was very tricky to pull together the funding then. In today’s economic environment? No way would that happen for a small business.” 

Why The Moore Group chose C2FO

Not long after, one of The Moore Group’s best clients introduced the company to C2FO, the easy-to-use, on-demand platform for working capital. By granting her clients a small discount via C2FO, Moore could speed up client payments by months and invest money back into her business. 

How C2FO helped The Moore Group

Stress-free funding for payroll and other expenses

Moore always has the working capital needed to cover payroll and other large expenses thanks to C2FO’s power to accelerate accounts receivable. It’s taken a massive weight off her shoulders and let her focus on growing her business. 

“I know that when or if I need them, C2FO is always there,” Moore said. “It’s my front line for working capital.” 

Fuel for growth and expansion

C2FO’s Early Pay solution has made it easier for Moore to add new staff. She doesn’t have to wait months to get paid before she hires new team members. She can bring them on board immediately, increasing her company’s ability to generate new revenue. 

And when her growing company needed new offices, Moore had the financial resources to set her team up in a bright new space. 

“Using Early Pay,” she said, “allows me to immediately go through and realize the revenue from projects so I can actually start investing into other things.”

Highly responsive support

As a C2FO user, The Moore Group is assigned a supplier relationship manager who can troubleshoot problems, suggest strategy and answer questions when Moore needs assistance. Responses almost always arrive in less than five minutes. 

“In my world, where you’re used to two days,” Moore said, “five minutes is pretty good.”

The results 

The Moore Group is continuing to record rapid, impressive growth while racking up national and regional awards.

“We’ve doubled — tripled, actually — where we were last year,” Moore said.

And, when the firm lands its next major project, she knows that she’ll be able to turn to C2FO for working capital to fund that explosive growth. 

Ready to speed up your accounts receivable?

There’s a quicker, fairer way to access working capital. See if your customers already offer early payment through C2FO.

Learn more about The Moore Group here.

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The strategic consultancy designs and implements training programs and change management projects for Fortune 100 companies and government agencies.

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