Resources | Customer Success | May 10, 2021

Ulta Beauty Empowers Its Suppliers With Working Capital

With C2FO, Ulta Beauty strengthens vendor partnerships, eliminates manual discounting processes, and generates more income.

Ulta Beauty is a U.S. beauty retailer with 700+ locations nationwide. Committed to providing consumers not just with great products but an integrated experience, Ulta also offers salons staffed with trained beauty professionals in each of their stores.

With a focus on providing an excellent customer experience, Ulta has consistently outperformed other players in the industry.

The challenge

A key part of providing a large and varied product selection to customers is a strong supply chain with good vendor partnerships.

Knowing that its business is only as strong as its supply chain, Ulta wanted to launch a dynamic discounting program that would provide vendors with low-cost access to cash flow.

Ulta needed a solution that would work with its SAP and Ariba systems without disrupting the existing processes and technology roadmap.

The solution

An Ulta board member recommended C2FO as a simple solution that didn’t require a change to existing processes or A/P technology. Strong referrals from other retailers confirmed C2FO as the right choice.

With C2FO, Ulta is able to strengthen vendor partnerships by providing easy access to working capital.

Ulta’s financial team has increased its efficiency by eliminating manual discounting processes, and C2FO’s hands-on support helps the team optimize program results, with income growing each year since the program launched.

With C2FO in place, Ulta can focus on expanding its product offering and retail footprint.

“The biggest benefit of C2FO is the value we provide to our vendor community. By accelerating payments at a relatively low cost, it strengthens our brand partnerships and negotiations.”
Director of Accounting Operations, Ulta Beauty

Success Snapshot

Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty is bolstering its supply chain with easier access to working capital.

Why C2FO?

C2FO’s support team has helped grow the program, while the platform has freed Ulta Beauty from many manual tasks.