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Efficient markets and utility pricing create the most ethical and fair markets in the world

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By Kevin Daniels, Chief Product Officer at C2FO

The founding thesis of C2FO was that efficient and fair markets are good for all businesses. Whether you look to the world’s markets for stocks, bonds and commodities or you consider Priceline, Ebay or Amazon, it is a given that great value, elegance and efficiency have been the benefit given to all participants who do business in these environments. The C2FO Market is the first and largest efficient market for working capital.

In our marketplace, businesses that need cash are able to name their own price for the cash that is owed to them by their customers. The fair market value for that working capital is actually unique for each company depending on their alternative cost and availability of borrowing. When a business that needs cash participates in C2FO, they are ordering their cash at a price that works for them. For example, a business that may be borrowing at 8% APR in the traditional financial market may offer a 7% APR to their customers and be funded in the C2FO marketplace at a cost that is less than what they are currently paying elsewhere.

Importantly, in the C2FO marketplace, business are not competing for funding with other businesses, they are competing against their current borrowing costs, whether from a bank, factor, asset based lender or any other third party provider. Cash and cash flow have different costs for different businesses and for different periods of time. All businesses have different cycles and needs for cash and cash flow. C2FO understands this and is built around a business pull model. This in effect lets each business in the marketplace name their discrete price for cash and cash flow, thereby creating the most fair way to price cash and cash flow. There are times when businesses are flush with cash and times when they are not. Traditional funding solutions do not allow for discrete pricing and timing of cash and cash flow. C2FO does. This is why C2FO has such a high fill rate for cash and cash flow delivered to businesses across the world. And, because each business is able to set their unique and desired price for cash and cash flow, C2FO has a world class NPS (likelihood to recommend score) of 61.

And while those statistics are great, the real proof of the benefit of C2FO is the price that businesses are paying for their cash and cash flow in C2FO. Other funding providers crow about usurious and unsustainable costs of 18%, 30% even 50% APRs. C2FO delivers cash and cash flow at an average price of 5.82% APR. This is why we have delivered more than $10 billion in working capital and 60 million days of accelerated payment to businesses across the globe. Plus, we just broke through the $1 Billion dollar funding record per month for businesses receiving cash and cash flow through C2FO. When you enable businesses to name their own fair price for cash and cash flow more businesses use your marketplace. When more businesses use your marketplace, more savings are generated for them and more income is generated for their customers. C2FO is the most efficient, ethical and fair market for working capital in the world. Learn more by reading our case studies.

But the success of C2FO is just beginning. Businesses around the world have $40 Trillion of Accounts Receivable trapped on their books every single day. We will not rest until the Billions we are delivering today becomes Trillions. There is much more yet to be done. We invite you to join us in our cause to liberate cash and cash flow around the world. The old system of traditional finance is a $2 Trillion dollar millstone around the necks of businesses across the globe. The “new” solution providers aren’t offering anything more than an online way of perpetuating the intrinsic flaws of the old solution providers. Imagine what will happen when we are able to eliminate this terrible burden to business. How many new jobs will be created? What new innovation will be realized? How much more peace through prosperity will be sustained through efficient markets and the name your price utility of ethical and fair markets for working capital? Today C2FO is leading the way. Join us.