The Opportunity:

Create efficiency in the largest and most ineffective debt market in the world. Global annual accounts payable totals $200T. Total outstanding global Commercial and Industrial loans total $6.5T, resulting in a unique opportunity to create new solutions in an enormous and unfinanced debt market.

The Problem:

Accounts Receivable finance has always been inefficient, credit is tighter now than any time in recent history and static discounts don’t reflect suppliers’ dynamic cash needs. Traditional financing options (commercial banking, asset-based lending and factoring) only cover 10-20% of total eligible Accounts Receivable globally. Short-term, low-risk debt is at record low yields and the Global 1000 have record levels of cash.

The Solution:

Create an on-demand collaborative working capital exchange that allows companies to redeploy their short-term cash into their Accounts Payable. Utilize a patent-pending technology platform to create multiple competitive offers from their Suppliers on the Suppliers’ own invoices. Award discretely across the discount bids from multiple suppliers according to APR generated.


Linear discounting is the wrong way

This graph shows how a linear discounting method captures income at a much lower rate than C2FO. C2FO generates 450% more income than static sliding scale models.
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Incremental C2FO income creation

Income generation through market-based price discovery allows suppliers to bid for cash at the rate most appropriate for them at that point in time, increasing participation and therefore significantly increasing profit to the buyer.
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