C2FO is easy to use

The C2FO Name your rate™ model optimizes cash flow

In a few simple steps, buyers and suppliers can collaborate on early cash flow at a rate that’s profitable for both. Buyers simply upload their approved invoices and establish their target return and cash available. Suppliers request early payment at a rate that works for them. It’s that simple.

The payment process stays the same

With C2FO, invoice processing between buyers and suppliers doesn’t change. Only the payment date and the invoice amount are changed, and to your advantage. Buyers pay the suppliers directly, just as they do normally, only faster.


We’ve shown how C2FO fits into the A/P process for buyers. For the suppliers’ A/R process, it’s just as easy. C2FO provides suppliers with a simple award file that provides the new invoice total to keep transaction records accurate.

We told you it was easy.

How it Works for Suppliers