Our mission is to liberate working capital

What if we released $43T in trapped cash and put it to work?

On any given day, global suppliers have trillions tied up in accounts receivable. They wait an average of 60 days to be paid from their customers. Plus, working capital finance options are inefficient and limited. This broken system stalls their growth and the global economy.

Meanwhile, short-term, low-risk debt is at record low yields for their customers who also maintain record levels of cash on their balance sheets.

C2FO solves for these inefficiencies and opens the floodgates of liquidity for millions of businesses.

There is an opportunity to solve this problem

Proven results with the numbers to back up our performance

Our story

Like many great business concepts, the idea of C2FO was born of necessity and critical observation of a broken system. You can trace our roots back to banking, where we recognized the limitations of financial institutions to create a transparent view of working capital finance for small and large companies.

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