Karewell Brands

Why we use C2FO

  • C2FO helps us realize a return on our shipped goods as soon as possible
  • It lets us pay our own suppliers much faster
  • It gives us the cash flow to invest in new product development

“C2FO makes negotiation with our customers convenient and mutually beneficial.”


Karewell Brands, Inc. is a company based in Los Angeles, California. They create innovative consumer healthcare products that are deeply rooted in both consumer insights and market opportunity. Their brands and private label products offer drug-free solutions to consumers who care not only about product effectiveness, but design and price as well. Owner and CEO Joel Jackson and his wife started the company in their apartment and it has grown rapidly since they received their first major order in mid-2014. Jackson says, “As we started to grow, we needed our money, but it was coming in slowly. C2FO has been great. It saves our company on the cost of financing and it’s helping us expand into private label, which is something retailers really want. C2FO is helping us get to a place where we can get money more quickly to finance inventory and development.”

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