Press Releases | June 7, 2023

C2FO Partners with Open-es for a Sustainable Ecosystem, Open to All Companies

Partnership brings together two platform solutions, directly connecting working capital to ESG performance to help businesses more easily meet their sustainability goals.

C2FO, the world’s on-demand working capital platform, today announced a new collaboration with Open-es, the global alliance and innovative initiative open to all companies engaged in the challenge of the energy transition. The joint solution will connect C2FO’s working capital management tools to the Open-es environmental, social, governance (ESG) monitoring platform, creating a path for growth and ESG performance improvement for businesses worldwide.  

Achieving a company’s ESG goals is extremely challenging. Businesses can face a variety of internal and external hurdles and are often held back by the financial investment needed or a lack of available capital to achieve those milestones. This grows even more challenging for small- and medium-sized businesses, which are even less likely to be able to invest due to challenges in accessing working capital. By joining the Open-es initiative, C2FO affirms the importance of involving and supporting companies on a path of transformation and sustainable development. 

Access to working capital creates many benefits and opportunities for businesses. When companies can free up capital, they can invest in sustainable processes and procedures that improve their social and environmental impact. 

Through C2FO, businesses gain access to fast, equitable and low-cost working capital they need to thrive. Now, through this collaboration with Open-es, companies can measure, improve and enhance their environmental, social and governance sustainability performances on the Open-es platform. Together, C2FO and Open-es are working to ensure every company has the capital they need to grow and conduct business in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

All organisations joining the Open-es and C2FO framework can integrate ESG performance criteria into their working capital finance programmes. The partnership enables global enterprises to provide tangible benefits to their suppliers, including access to C2FO’s suite of working capital solutions, while linking financial incentives to their impact on sustainability, ultimately aiding global enterprises in achieving their supply chain sustainability goals. 

“C2FO is proud to join the Open-es initiative. Supporting companies on a path to develop more sustainable practices and achieve their ESG goals reflects our mission to build a better and more inclusive financial system.,” said C2FO Chief Sales Officer Colin Sharp. “We are equally thrilled to partner with Open-es to create a seamless solution that ties ESG goals and working capital together, making it easier than ever before for businesses to achieve their unique business ESG goals.  

If companies can’t improve their ESG performance and environmental impact, it will be even more challenging to improve the overall health and wellness of people and our planet in general. Bridging the gap between cost of investment and the need for working capital is vital to create more sustainable business practices. C2FO’s flexible working capital solutions and the Open-es platform create a unique, comprehensive ESG solution for sustainable development and monitoring, enabling businesses to invest in themselves and drive positive impact and change on a global scale.

About C2FO
C2FO is the world’s on-demand working capital platform, providing fast, flexible and equitable access to low-cost capital to nearly 2 million businesses worldwide. Using patented Name Your Rate®  technology and a suite of working capital solutions, companies can get paid sooner by the world’s largest enterprises — unlocking billions in risk-free capital. With a mission of ensuring that every business has the capital needed to thrive, C2FO has delivered more than $275  billion in funding around the world. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Kansas City, USA, with offices around the globe, C2FO is working to build a better, more inclusive financial system every day. To learn more, visit C2FO.com.

About Open-es
Open-es is a systemic initiative that brings together the industrial, financial and institutional worlds to support companies in their path of sustainable development. Launched by Eni with Boston Consulting Group and Google Cloud at the beginning of 2021, this alliance today includes important Italian and international partners and, through a free and digital platform, allows companies to measure and improve their ESG profile. To learn more, visit openes.io.

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