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TradeTalks Podcast: Addressing the Challenges Faced by Small and Medium Enterprises on a Global Scale

CEO Sandy Kemper explains why risk-based underwriting isn’t serving the needs of many small and midsize businesses.

Alexander “Sandy” Kemper, C2FO’s founder and CEO, was recently interviewed on “Nasdaq TradeTalks” about the financial challenges facing small and midsize businesses around the world

Hosted by Jill Malandrino, the online business news show reaches a significant audience of investors and market watchers. 

Malandrino asked Kemper how rising interest rates and declining credit availability are affecting businesses. The impact is massive, Kemper said, but there’s a larger problem: “The system is already broken.”  

Risk-based underwriting already constrains the amount of capital that small and medium-size businesses can access, which in turn limits their growth, he said. That’s why C2FO created a marketplace that taps into the massive amounts of capital tied up in accounts receivable and accelerates payment to suppliers.

“On any given day, there are about $40 trillion of accounts receivable on the books of businesses around the world,” Kemper said. “Traditional bank finance, ABL finance, supply chain finance totals to maybe $5 trillion.”

Risk doesn’t really enter the equation with C2FO’s marketplace because businesses are being paid money they already earned. They’re simply receiving payment more quickly. And that can produce sizable benefits around the globe. 

“Getting capital into the hands of businesses around the world increases employment, productivity, innovation and, as I said before, increases GDP,” Kemper said. “If you look at it from a national position, if you solved it with a working capital marketplace or you solved the capital flows for businesses, you could add 2 to 3% GDP to almost every nation in the world.”

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