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C2FO Fast Track: How Can I Learn More About C2FO?

Learn how to answer your biggest questions and do more with the platform.

C2FO Fast Track Series

Learn how to answer your biggest questions and do more with the platform.

C2FO provides several options for product support, whether you’re just getting started or want to learn how to get the most out of the platform. Here are four practical resources to review when you need help.


The Frequently Asked Questions page houses a digestible and easy-to-navigate overview of C2FO’s Early Pay solution. This resource is helpful if you’re new to C2FO and not sure where to start, but it also offers useful tips if you’re already familiar with the platform. Some information you can find in the FAQs includes:

  • How C2FO fits into your business. Learn what C2FO does and what it stands for, how your customers fit into the equation and why the program is beneficial.
  • How to use C2FO. Discover everything you need to know to use C2FO’s Early Pay solution, from registering for an account to creating early payment offers.
  • Common terminology. Understand terms such as “APR” and “discount,” and how words such as “eligible” are defined within the context of C2FO.
  • Payments and invoicing with C2FO. Get answers to common questions surrounding accounts receivable processes, such as how you get paid and when to expect payments.

Supplier relationship managers

When using C2FO’s Early Pay solution, you have access to one-on-one support with a supplier relationship manager (SRM). An SRM works with you to address any challenges you may encounter when using the platform. Your SRM can also identify opportunities to optimize your early payment strategy. Connecting regularly with your SRM can help further increase your cash flow and strengthen your buyer relationships.

If you don’t know how to get in touch with your SRM or aren’t already working with one, contact C2FO Support here or call +1 866-463-6565 if you’re in the United States or Canada.

The Resource Hub

C2FO publishes an extensive collection of inspirational and educational articles for suppliers. Visit the Resource Hub if you want to take a deeper dive into topics related to working capital, cash flow management and dynamic discounting. The Resource Hub is constantly growing, so make sure to check back regularly for new content. Some useful articles to start with include:

Supplier case studies

Understanding how other businesses use C2FO’s Early Pay solution can help inspire your business growth strategy. Read C2FO’s case studies to learn more about other suppliers’ experiences with the program and what goals it has helped them achieve. Consider narrowing in on case studies that represent suppliers in your industry or those that have shared similar challenges.

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