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C2FO Fast Track Series: How to Submit an Offer

Once you have an account set up, you can submit an offer by viewing invoices that are eligible for early payment, selecting “Build New Offer” and following C2FO’s easy-to-use prompts.

C2FO Fast Track Series

Welcome to the C2FO Fast Track Series!

This bi-weekly series highlights frequently asked questions about C2FO Early Pay. In each article, we’ll help you get up and running on the platform to accelerate invoice payments — and optimize your working capital — in no time.

Once you have an account set up, you can submit an offer by viewing invoices that are eligible for early payment, selecting “Build New Offer” and following C2FO’s easy-to-use prompts. Here, we break the process down into six simple steps.

How do I submit an offer?

  1. View your eligible invoices

Log in to your C2FO account. From your account dashboard, select either “Explore Opportunity” or any of the options below “Invoice Central” to view eligible invoices and build an offer.

  1. Choose invoices to accelerate

Invoice Central houses all of your invoices that are eligible for early payment. Select a customer to view all eligible invoices for that account, as well as top-line information for each invoice. Then, select “Build New Offer” and choose which customers to include in the offer.

  1. Create a one-time or recurring offer

You have the option to create a one-time or recurring offer. If you create a recurring offer, the offer automatically applies to all invoices from now on for the customer(s) you selected. 

If you create a one-time offer, you must manually create offers for any eligible new invoices. Recurring offers are more commonly used because they’re easier and less time-consuming to manage. You can always edit recurring offers as needed.

How do I submit an offer?
Simply select “Build New Offer” and follow the prompts.
  1. Determine your discount rate

The next step is to set the discount rate to offer for early payment. C2FO gives you the option to:

  • Name Your Rate® by manually entering a rate of your choosing.
  • Select Trending Rate, which generates a rate that is likely to be approved based on market conditions.
  • Select Express Accept, which guarantees approval.

You have options when it comes to determining the rate, whether you choose to express the rate as a discount offer or an annualized percentage rate (APR) offer. Click here to learn more about the difference between a fixed discount rate and an APR rate.

  1. Review and submit your offer

Once you’ve chosen a discount, you can review offer details such as your total accounts receivable, the number of invoices included in the offer and an estimated deposit date if the offer is approved.

Select the edit icon next to the number of invoices if you wish to exclude individual invoices from the offer before submitting. If you remove invoices from the offer, your accounts receivable total updates accordingly. When you’re happy with the offer, select “Submit.”

  1. Optional: Edit your offer before the market clear time

If you want to make changes after submitting the offer, you can do so until the market clear time. C2FO evaluates offers based on daily market conditions and finalizes all offers once per day at the daily market clear time. Daily market clear times are as follows:

  • Americas: 12 p.m. ET
  • Europe / Middle East: 5 p.m. GMT
  • Asia-Pacific: 12 p.m. HKT
  • India: 10 a.m. IST

Select “View Offer Details” to see what time your offer will be finalized. From here, you can edit the invoices included in the offer as well as the discount rate. 

Which discount rate should I use?

If you’re not sure which discount rate to use when creating an offer, here are some general guidelines:

  • Express Accept offers generally have the highest rate, but they guarantee approval. Consider using the Express Accept rate if you want to get paid quickly and have more control over your accounts receivable.
  • Trending Rate offers are likely to be approved based on market conditions, but approval isn’t guaranteed. Use this option if you’re more flexible about the payment date and want to try offering a more competitive rate than Express Accept.
  • Name Your Rate® offers give you the flexibility to enter any rate of your choosing. However, this type of offer may be denied if you use a rate that is significantly lower than the Trending Rate or Express Accept rate.

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