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C2FO Fast Track Series: How to View and Manage Your Invoices

After activating and logging in to your C2FO account, you can view and manage your invoices from Invoice Central.

C2FO Fast Track Series

Welcome to the C2FO Fast Track Series!

This bi-weekly series highlights frequently asked questions about C2FO Early Pay. In each article, we’ll help you get up and running on the platform to accelerate invoice payments — and optimize your working capital — in no time.

After activating and logging in to your C2FO account, you can view and manage your invoices from Invoice Central. Invoice Central gives you a quick and easy way to monitor the status of your invoices and review invoice data before requesting early payments.

What is Invoice Central?

Invoice Central is C2FO’s hub for viewing and managing invoices, housing all the invoices from your in-network buyers. Invoice Central gives you the ability to:

  • Review invoice details before building an offer for early payment.
  • Easily track outstanding invoices with buyers in one place, whether or not you request early payments.
  • Monitor changes to the status of your invoices, including whether your offers have been approved.
  • Gather insights from your accounts receivable data to make more informed cash flow decisions.
How do I view and manage my invoices?
It’s easy with Invoice Central.

How do I view and manage my invoices? 

If you haven’t already, search for any of your in-network buyers, activate an account and log in. From your dashboard, access Invoice Central by scrolling down and selecting the “Invoice Central” menu.

At the top of Invoice Central, you can view your total accounts receivable, as well as the amount eligible for early payment. Use the “Customers” menu on the left to view invoices for each buyer. When you select a buyer, details for their invoices will display on the right. You can filter these invoices by date, amount and eligibility status for early payment.

From here, you can select “Download” to download your own copy of the invoice data, or “Build New Offer” to request early payment for any buyers and invoices of your choosing.

Do I need to upload my buyer invoices?

No, there’s no need to upload any invoices to the platform yourself — any invoices you send to buyers, through your regular process, are automatically uploaded once approved. Invoices usually appear in Invoice Central between 15 to 30 days after being received by a buyer’s accounts payable team.

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