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Your Secret Weapon for Transforming Treasury Processes

The technology and dynamic solutions of C2FO provide an efficient way to manage the flow of working capital for you, your suppliers and customers.

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As a treasury leader, you could always use another tool in your kit to ensure that your company continues hitting key financial metrics, preserves cash and maintains your cash position.

At C2FO, we’re doing our part by putting the management of working capital right where it belongs — at your fingertips. Our secure, easy-to-use online platform enables companies to accelerate or extend their payables and receivables at times that work best for them, their suppliers and their customers.

Are businesses in your supply chain in need of access to low-cost liquidity? Early payment through C2FO enables your suppliers to accelerate payment on invoices that they select, at discounts that work for them. Through Dynamic Supplier Finance (DSF) on the C2FO platform, you can support your suppliers’ financial health while also generating a healthy return on cash, helping you hit quarter-end goals, improve EBITDA, and meet other metrics. Through DSF, you can pay your suppliers from your company’s balance sheet or through a third party from C2FO’s funding network.

The C2FO platform also enables your company to manage working capital through your own accounts receivable. Through Dynamic Customer Finance (DCF) on the C2FO platform, you can accelerate or extend your own receivables from customers. If cash is plentiful, you may consider accepting later payment from your customers, in exchange for a premium. When you need more cash flow, C2FO enables you to accelerate payment on receivables. Like your suppliers, you’ll have the flexibility to select which invoices to accelerate and determine the discount offers.

One global company’s story

Borealis AG, a leading global chemicals company, partners with C2FO to pay suppliers early with DSF, at rates that meet their needs. But Borealis’s treasury team also uses DCF as a dynamic way to control its own cash and receivables.

“With C2FO, we provide our suppliers a platform to accelerate invoices: they reduce their cost of finance and we improve our margin and cash yield,” said Jan-Martin Nufer, Borealis VP of treasury and funding. “At the same time, we have also developed an innovative offer for selected customers: the opportunity for dynamic invoice extension.”

The innovative solution devised by Borealis with C2FO’s help quickly gained international attention. In 2020, Treasury Management International recognized the DCF program as “Best Supply Chain Solution” as part of TMI’s annual Awards for Innovation & Excellence.

“Among other benefits, DCF enables the corporate to generate revenue by allowing customers to pay them later in exchange for a premium, which has been especially helpful during COVID-19,” said Eleanor Hill, editor for TMI.

One platform, many dynamic solutions

C2FO’s cutting-edge technology enables you to make all transactions through a single, secure digital platform. As opposed to working out of multiple portals for different suppliers, customers and geographic regions, you can manage the flow of working capital for your company from the C2FO platform.

The scope and scale of the C2FO network allows companies of all sizes to maintain greater flexibility and control over their finances. Since 2010, C2FO has funded more than $129 billion in working capital and accelerated payments by over 1.9 billion days. We serve more than one million customers in 192 countries, representing over $10.5 trillion in annual revenues.

Advantages of working with C2FO include the following:

  • Increasing your yield on short-term investments and having a profitable alternative to current low or negative interest investments
  • De-risking your supply chain
  • Strengthening supplier relationships by increasing liquidity for your suppliers with the access to cash you provide
  • Utilizing technology that fuels greater efficiencies and helps to streamline treasury processes
  • Offering suppliers an account set-up that takes only a few minutes and includes support from a dedicated team of supplier relationship managers
  • Supporting your corporate sustainability and ESG efforts

The bottom line

Put simply, C2FO is working capital that works for you. It’s why hundreds of thousands of companies — from global brands to small, growing firms — trust C2FO. They’re part of a worldwide network connecting the AP and AR of over one million companies, working together to free up capital and hit key financial metrics.

Are you ready to join the C2FO network? Learn how to become one of our enterprise buyers.

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