How It Works

The CashFlow+ Card and CashFlow+ Premium Card are available only to businesses registered within the United States, and cards can be issued only to U.S. persons.

There is no catch. Merchants that accept the card pay the interchange. We use this to fund the discount paid to your buyers and the 1% cash back. There is no cost to you to use the card. The card works just like a normal card when you use it anywhere Visa is accepted and earn 1% cash back on all purchases.

This card is pre-funded with your approved invoices or cash that you choose to add. Underwriting for personal guarantees/access to funds is not required. Your money is yours to use.

Yes. You can pick which invoices that are settled to the card vs. other settlement methods. However, you are limited to one offer per market per day. Therefore, if you choose to settle your day’s invoices to the card from one buyer, you must wait one day before you can accelerate other invoices from that same buyer via the traditional Early Payment system.

The funds you load on the card are yours to use. Your funds never expire and never incur monthly or annual fees.

Right now, the C2FO CashFlow+ Card is available only to companies based in the United States. However, you may make transactions anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.

You can use the card anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

To keep your card safe and secure, we have blocked activity in several countries and merchant categories where fraudulent activity may be more likely to occur, or where government sanctions apply. Please contact Customer Service (see number on the back of your card) for a complete list of blocked jurisdictions and merchant categories.

You can see the C2FO Privacy Policy here.

All your transactions and balance details can be seen at card.c2fo.com We are 100% paperless.

Yes, the card offers the ability to make contactless “tap to pay” transactions and can also be used for all online “card not present” transactions.

If you close your card, the funds will be returned to your linked bank account, minus a penalty fee of up to 3% to account for the discount refund you received.

The funding process for your CashFlow+ Card is built on how your customers already pay you. Begin by logging into the C2FO platform and selecting the invoices you would like to accelerate payment on.

You can fund your card in two ways:

  • Accelerate invoices with no discount. Your customers will pay invoices early and directly to your bank account, minus the discount. C2FO will then rebate the discount offered if the full invoice amount is loaded onto your CashFlow+ Card. 
  • Add cash to your card whether you have invoices to accelerate or not. When you load cash not associated with an invoice, you’ll earn an instant bonus of 50 bps (0.5%).  You’ll then get the usual 1% cash back when you make purchases — for an effective 1.5% cash back.

You can load funds whenever you want. C2FO knows businesses need flexibility, so the card platform allows you to manage the funds on your CashFlow+ Card at your convenience.

Any unused cash will remain on the account as available funds to spend. There is no time limit on when funds need to be spent.


Dynamic Funding is the ability to load your card the way you want it:

  • Load either a portion or the full amount of your accelerated invoices you want early; and/or
  • Load cash directly from your bank account to the CashFlow+ Card, even when you do not have invoices available for early payment, and get 0.5% cash back immediately. 

Yes! You can choose to upload some or all of your approved invoices, or even just part of one invoice. We will upload your invoices, starting with those with the highest discount rate first, to ensure you receive the highest refund possible. Simply go to “Fund Card” from the card platform home page, then “Load.” You will see two options:

  • Load accelerated invoices
  • Load cash

Then enter the amount you would like to load onto the card. 

You can load your card any time you wish, whether you have invoices approved for early payment or not. If you want to fund your CashFlow+ Card with cash from your bank account, you’ll earn a 0.5% cash back bonus. You’ll still earn the 1% cash back on all purchases.

Simply go to “Fund Card” from the card platform home page, then “Load.” You will see two options:

  • Load accelerated invoices
  • Load cash

Then enter the amount you would like to load onto the card. 

For your convenience, and to ensure that funds get loaded to allow you to spend as quickly as possible, funds will be automatically withdrawn from your linked bank account based on dates your customer provides. This is in the card platform. You can choose to turn this service on or off at any time.

Please turn off Auto Load if you are worried that you might not have sufficient funds in your account. C2FO will withdraw funds based on dates your customer provides. You will be notified two days before withdrawal. If you do not have sufficient funds at that time, your bank may either bounce the request and/or charge you an NSF fee.

  • Yes, you can turn the Auto Load function on and off as frequently as you wish.  Simply log into the card platform and adjust the Auto Load setting in the Bank Account Settings section on the card portal.
  • If you turn off the Auto Load feature, all invoices in your queue will not be loaded, and you will need to manually approve each one. 

Auto Load will withdraw the full offer amount that you submitted for early payment.

An Authorized User is a person who has a card on your CashFlow+ account and is authorized to use that card to make purchases on your business’s behalf.

  • To add an Authorized User to your card platform, click on the “Admin” tab in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on the “Invite User” button.
  • Add the requested information to invite a new user on the right side of the screen.
  • You will see a success screen with an access code. An invite will be sent to the new user’s email address.  
  • Share the access code from this success screen with your new user.
  • The new user will log in, complete registration and then receive a card in the mail in 4-7 business days.

To enroll an Authorized User on your CashFlow+ Card account, you will need to provide the user’s name, email address, physical address, date of birth, Social Security number and mobile phone number. Please note that Authorized Users must be U.S. persons with a U.S. address for card delivery.

There is currently no limit on the number of additional cardholders you can have on your CashFlow+ Card account.

You control the spending limits and  can set spend limits for each Authorized User individually. This means some employees could have higher spending limits than others.

No, only you are authorized to load funds onto the card.

You can see all transactions made with the card listed in the card platform. Under the statements section, you can see all transactions and which cardholder made each purchase.

You can limit the total monthly or daily spending an Authorized User can make. We are developing capabilities for business managers to limit spending by Merchant Category Code, geography and weekly spending limits.

Yes, your total funds available balance is the balance for the entire company. Authorized Users may spend up to the total balance unless you have placed limits on their spending. Once the total balance has been spent, no one will be able to spend using the card until new funds are loaded.


There are no load, usage or maintenance fees with this card. You do not get charged for getting paid onto the card. There is a 2.5% foreign transaction fee for purchases made outside the U.S. Also, if you choose to move funds that have been loaded to the card into your bank account, there is a cash transfer penalty fee of up to 3%.

The C2FO CashFlow+ Card is not a credit card. You are spending your accelerated invoices or added cash, so there is no interest charged on the card.

Cash Back

The approach is intentionally simple and straightforward. You will earn 1% cash back for all purchases made with the card.

You can redeem the cash back in the card management platform any time you wish. Cash back rewards will be applied to your card.

Your cash back never expires. You may keep the cash back on your card as long as you wish before redeeming. You can redeem the cash back balance at any time you wish.

You’ll earn a 0.5% cash back bonus. Plus, you’ll still earn the 1% cash back on all purchases.

Customer Service

Customer Service can be reached at 1-833-988-2462. Customer Service is available 6am-12am CST M-F & 7 a.m.-7 p.m. CST Sa-Su. Hours may be reduced on holidays.

Customer Service is able to handle a variety of concerns and issues such as: disputing charges, getting information on transactions, reporting and replacing a lost/stolen card, updating personal details on account and assisting with online account access. Customer Service can be reached at 1-833-988-2462.

Yes, in certain circumstances, merchants can take this step as a protection against fraud, errors or other losses. One common example: When you use the card at a hotel, the hotel may put a hold on certain funds to protect against potential damage or other room charges. Another example: When you use your card at a gas pump, the gas station will typically create two transactions — the first to get approval from your bank for an estimated purchase amount (for example, $50) when you swipe your card before pumping gas, the second for the actual charges when you’re done. Until the first transaction for $50 is canceled by the bank, usually within 48 hours, you wouldn’t have access to that amount in your account.

You are able to dispute a transaction with Customer Service (1-833-988-2463) if you are not able to resolve the situation with the merchant directly.

The C2FO CashFlow+ Card does not currently use a PIN.

Cash access is not available on this product at this time.

In situations where you would like to “freeze” or place a temporary hold on your card or the card of an Authorized User without closing the account, please contact our Customer Service team. They will be able to help you freeze your card until you are ready to begin using the card again and instruct you on what you need to do to reactivate the card for use.

Yes, you can transfer funds to your bank account. To move funds out of your card back into your bank account, please email [email protected]. Include the return amount you are requesting, the name on your card and the last 4 digits of your account number. Note that there is up to a 3% penalty fee associated with this to account for the Early Payment discount rebate you received.

CashFlow+ Premium Card

The maximum you can load on the CashFlow+ Premium Card is a daily maximum of  $10,000,000, or $25,000,000 in any given month. 

Yes, the maximum amount you can spend in a single transaction is $5,000,000. This is for your protection against fraudulent actions.

Yes, there is a daily limit of $10,000,000 in total spending and a maximum of $5,000,000 for a single transaction.

If you currently have the C2FO CashFlow+ Card, you may request an upgrade by calling your SRM directly or by calling 1-866-463-6565 

If you do not yet have the C2FO CashFlow+ Card, you may request it here.  After you receive and use the card, you may request to be considered for an upgrade by calling your SRM.

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*There are no load or annual fees. You do not get charged for getting paid onto the card. There is a 2.5% foreign transaction fee for purchases made outside the US and up to a 3% ACH penalty fee to transfer funds off the card.

The C2FO CashFlow + Visa® Card is issued by Sutton Bank pursuant to license by Visa Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa, U.S.A. Inc. All other trademarks and service marks belong to their respective owners. 

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