Improve cash flow with early payments from your customers

No commitments — simply activate your account and request early payment.

Get your customers to pay you early

Use C2FO to offer your customers a discount in exchange for early payment.


Zero fees

You only pay for the discount you offer for early payment

Fast Payment

Get paid in as little as 24 hours after offering a discount

Control your cash flow on your terms

  • Grow your business without growing debt
  • Bring in capital to meet seasonal demand
  • Control financial metrics during key reporting periods

How it works

No banks, factors, debt or commitments—simply log in and request early payment.


Review invoices

Customers have already uploaded your invoices


Make your selection

You choose which invoices to discount


Set a discount rate

You offer a discount for early payment


Receive payment

If accepted, payment is released

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We save four to five times more in the cost of money using C2FO. It's based on the invoices and it's there when we need it. It's been a game changer for us.

Rhonda Sparks
Founder and CEO, UV Skinz

Offered by the world's leading companies

The world's most forward-thinking companies facilitate early payments through C2FO.

How C2FO compares

Typical cost of funding for $100,000 over 30 days

Invoice Factoring

$ 39
  • COST
  • $3,000
  • FEES
  • 2% of Invoice

Asset-Based Lending

$ 39
  • COST
  • $1,833
  • FEES
  • 2% Annual

Line of Credit

$ 39
  • COST
  • $900
  • FEES
  • 1% Annual


$ 39
  • COST
  • $500
  • FEES
  • None

Frequently asked questions

Companies use C2FO because it allows them to take more control of their cash flow by controlling when they get paid. It’s also faster, easier, and provides a lower cost of capital than other sources of funding.

C2FO is the technology and support provider behind your customers’ early payment programs. The C2FO platform provides a secure portal to request early invoice payments on demand.

Once your offer is accepted, payment is delivered using your current payment method.

Payments are generally processed and distributed within 48 hours of an offer being accepted.

Using the early payment program does not alter any existing terms or payment process.

The early payment program is different than supply chain finance. You can toggle between self-funded early payment and early payment from your customers — on your own terms.

See what invoices you have
available for early payment—it's free