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One Working Capital Management Platform, Many Dynamic Solutions

C2FO’s powerful supplier and enterprise buyer solutions provide several ways to dynamically manage working capital — all on a single platform.

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For every business, the management of working capital plays a crucial role in striking an equilibrium between financial stability and operational efficiency. Working capital — which encompasses the funds necessary to fulfill short-term obligations, drive growth initiatives and sustain daily operations — requires careful attention. 

A company’s working capital requirements are far from static. They are influenced by numerous factors and can fluctuate significantly. Whether you’re a large enterprise buyer or a small to midsize supplier, managing and monitoring shifting liquidity and accessible capital can be overwhelming, especially when today’s complex financial system fails to meet your needs.

While there is no secret formula that can guarantee permanent financial stability and success, wouldn’t it be ideal if there was a universal solution that could address the evolving working capital needs of buyers and suppliers?

C2FO, a leading provider of working capital solutions, offers a technology-driven approach that grants businesses enhanced control over their finances. Unlike traditional working capital offerings, C2FO’s dynamic platform empowers you to take charge of your working capital management by placing the control directly in your hands. 

In this article, we’ll explore how C2FO’s dynamic solutions and worldwide funding network can help you access working capital on demand while providing greater flexibility and financial agility for your business.

Supplier solutions

C2FO’s innovative supplier solutions help suppliers harness the full potential of their accounts receivable (AR) and take command of their cash flow with fast, flexible access to debt-free, low-cost capital. Our platform enables suppliers to receive early payments from customers, so they can stabilize operations and allocate greater resources to growth.

“What C2FO does for us as a small business is to provide liquidity when we need it most.”
Janet Chung
Co-Owner, We Love You

If you’re a supplier, check out these tools:

Early Pay

Early Pay offers you the unique ability to accelerate your accounts receivable by converting approved invoices into debt-free capital. With our cutting-edge platform, you can access your buyer’s early payment program to free up funds tied up in lengthy payment terms. This helps you optimize your cash flow to invest in anything from hiring more team members to upgrading infrastructure.

Our approach to early payment incorporates a progressive take on dynamic discounting, which offers you intuitive control over when you get paid. This means you can select which invoices to accelerate and determine your desired discount rate. Unlike static discounting, dynamic discounting through C2FO gives you the flexibility to request payments at any time before the agreed term. If your buyer accepts the offer, you will be paid directly from the buyer using your normal payment method.

Invoice Central

Our Invoice Central solution enables seamless visibility into all approved invoices from your buyer(s) on the C2FO platform. This gives you one centralized place to gain useful AR insights, review all of your approved invoices, and access low-cost capital with custom rates for early payment.


At C2FO, we recognize just how critical it is for your business to rapidly access the working capital you need when you need it.  We offer a competitive array of lending solutions to fit the unique financing requirements of your company. Our comprehensive financing options range from asset-based lending, factoring and term loans to a revolving line of credit.

Enterprise buyer solutions

C2FO offers a broad range of solutions for enterprise buyers, enabling businesses to provide their suppliers with a flexible early payment program, get a better return on cash, improve margins and improve their own working capital. These solutions also help businesses strengthen their supply chains, meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

“The supplier interaction and communication has been strengthened and grown since we first launched C2FO. So, it’s been a good win-win for both sides of the table, which is sometimes not easy to find.”
Doug Brauch
Vice President of Treasury, Macy’s

If you’re an enterprise buyer, check out these two tools:

Dynamic Supplier Finance

C2FO’s Dynamic Supplier Finance™ (DSF) solution is a modern take on supply chain finance. With DSF, you can leverage both an early payment program and comprehensive funding options to keep more cash on hand — and on the books.

Unlike traditional supply chain finance solutions, C2FO’s comprehensive funding network gives you the ability to fund an early payment program for your suppliers while maintaining optimal margins. Whether you are using your own balance sheet, a bank partner or C2FO’s global funding network, your suppliers will still have access to your early payment program and the capital they need to grow, whether they are small or midsize businesses (SMBs) or large corporations. For you, it means a stronger supply chain with steady access to the products and services you rely on.

Supplier ESG & DEI Programs

C2FO’s supplier ESG and DEI programs (known as Opportunity Marketplaces) enable you to offer unique early payment opportunities for specific suppliers, so you can align the program with your own sustainability or diversity objectives. Using these marketplaces, you can proactively support your goals and offer valuable benefits to your chosen suppliers. 

C2FO’s platform automates supplier segmentation, which allows you the flexibility to provide preferred access and incentives to minority-, women- and veteran-owned suppliers, as well as SMB suppliers.

In summary

C2FO’s all-in-one platform offers dynamic working capital solutions for suppliers and enterprise buyers. With features like Early Pay and Invoice Central, suppliers can access fast, flexible and low-cost capital while maintaining control over payment terms. At the same time, C2FO’s solutions for enterprise buyers, such as Dynamic Supplier Finance and Opportunity Marketplaces, enable optimized cash flow management, stronger supply chains and support for ESG and DEI goals. 

With C2FO, businesses of all sizes can effectively manage their working capital, promote financial stability and seize new opportunities for growth.

This article originally published July 2020, and was updated August 2023.

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