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C2FO Fast Track Series: Your Rate Got Denied, Now What?

A few small changes should increase your odds of getting approved.

C2FO Fast Track Series

A few small changes should increase your odds of getting approved.

You submitted an early payment offer to a customer, but it was denied. To get approved, try again by submitting a higher discount rate offer. Your chances of approval increase by using a Trending Rate and are guaranteed with C2FO’s Express Accept option.

Why was my offer denied?

There are a few different reasons why your offer was denied. For example, a low discount offer may be denied if the number of days early is relatively high.

Rates are more likely to be accepted if the terms also benefit your customers. Earlier payments generally require a bigger discount. Suppliers that aim to get paid fastest are usually willing to offer Trending or Express Accept discount rates.

What rate should I use?

There are three types of rates you can use when submitting an early payment offer:

  • Name Your Rate® allows you to set any discount rate of your choosing.
  • Trending Rate suggests a discount rate that is more likely to be accepted based on current market activity.
  • Express Accept provides a guaranteed discount rate that will be approved instantly.

Consider using the competitive Trending Rate if you want to increase your chances of success based on market conditions and offer acceptance trends. If you want guaranteed instant approval of your early payment offer, use the Express Accept rate.

When is my offer finalized?

C2FO evaluates offers based on daily market conditions. Offers are submitted and finalized once per day at the daily market clear time. This means that you have until this time each day to edit your offers and ensure that they will be accepted. Click here to view market clear times based on your location.

If your offer shows as “clearing,” it will be accepted based on the daily market. If the offer shows as “non-clearing,” you need to increase the offer for it to be accepted at the clear time.

Keep in mind that if you use a one-time offer, you must resubmit the offer on the next working day. If you use recurring offers, your offer is automatically submitted on the next working day. No action is required on your part with recurring offers unless you want to change the discount rate.

Should I continue sending offers?

Yes. While it can be disappointing if your discount rate is denied, it’s always worth trying again to ensure that you receive early invoice payments. The more you use C2FO, the more familiar you will get with the rate types and which rate to use based on your goals. 

Remember that early payments give you immediate access to cash, boost your cash flow and enable business growth — benefits that are generally worth the cost of a discount, even if the rate is slightly higher than you initially offered.

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