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C2FO Fast Track Series: How to Connect to All of Your Buyers

If you have multiple buyers on the platform, you'll have even more power over your cash flow and accounts receivable.

C2FO Fast Track Series

If you have multiple buyers on the platform, you’ll have even more power over your cash flow and accounts receivable.

C2FO’s Early Pay solution is supported by a large network of global buyers. As C2FO’s buyer network expands, your business can access more opportunities to increase cash flow by accelerating payments. Here’s how to view and connect to multiple buyers in your C2FO account.

How do I know which of my buyers support C2FO?

Once you’ve signed up for C2FO’s Early Pay solution, you will see any invoices available for early payment with your buyers in your Invoice Central. Your invoices are automatically linked to buyers, as long as your account’s contact information — specifically, your email address — is consistent across buyers. If you’re curious about which companies are currently in C2FO’s buyer network, you can review or search for them here.

I work with a buyer in C2FO’s network, but I don’t see any of its invoices on my account. Why?

Invoices only appear in your Invoice Central if they are actively ready to review or accelerate for early payment. This means that not all of your buyers may appear in your account at all times — only when they have invoices available for early payment. Over time, you may see new buyers’ invoices become available for early payment as they implement C2FO’s program.

New invoices can take anywhere from 15 to 30 days, on average, to appear in your Invoice Central after being received by your buyer’s accounts payable team.

What are the benefits of connecting to my buyers on C2FO’s platform?

The ability to access and view multiple buyers on C2FO’s platform means that you have more opportunities to request early payments and accelerate cash flow. The more buyers you have in the system, the more control and visibility you have over your business’s accounts receivable and cash flow.

If you have any questions about seeing or accessing invoices from multiple buyers, contact your supplier relationship manager or click here to contact supplier support.

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