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C2FO Fast Track Series: What Are Recurring Offers, and Why Should I Use Them?

With recurring offers, you can save time and improve your cash flow.

C2FO Fast Track Series

With recurring offers, you can save time and improve your cash flow.

C2FO’s recurring offers function is the best way to avoid missed early payment opportunities, gain more cash flow predictability and optimize your accounts receivable. If you want to get the most out of C2FO and save time, recurring offers are a no-brainer.

What are recurring offers?

Rather than creating a one-time offer whenever new invoices are available for early payment, you can create recurring offers for a “set it and forget it” option. Recurring offers automatically generate a discount offer of your choosing for any new invoices going forward, either for a single buyer or across multiple buyers.

Why should I use recurring offers?

Recurring offers are the most popular option used by businesses in C2FO’s supplier network. This is because recurring offers:

  • Save you time — not just on C2FO’s platform, but also when chasing buyers for payments.
  • Make your cash flow more predictable, and reduce missed opportunities by automatically requesting all invoices for early payment.
  • Incentivize slow-paying and nonpaying buyers to take advantage of discounts and settle invoices promptly.
  • Attract and maintain buyers through consistent discount offers. Buyers typically appreciate price predictability, and the discount may give you an advantage over competitors.

Put simply, recurring offers make it easy to take advantage of all available early payment opportunities at a rate you’re comfortable with while saving time and resources.

How do I set up recurring offers?

Here’s how to create recurring offers on the platform:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to Invoice Central to view invoices available for early payment.
  2. Select “Build New Offer.”
  3. Select the “Recurring” option.
  4. Select the buyers you want to include in the recurring offer.
  5. Set a discount rate for the offer. Click here for more information on how to choose the best discount rate.
  6. Review the offer details and select “Submit” once you’re happy.

This offer will now automatically apply to all new, approved invoices for the buyer(s) you selected for that offer. Once you’ve submitted an offer, the confirmation page will tell you how long you have to edit the offer before it is finalized at the daily market clear time. You can also cancel or edit a recurring offer at any time by reviewing your active offers.

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